I asked you NICELY

by The Lingernots

I’m in love with the shift from winter slumber to hectic springtime. You start seeing familiar faces on the streets again, you can show some skin to the sun without hypothermia, I start buying flowers again and even consider sitting outside for a coffee rather than curling up in the corner of the room with a book or my laptop’s eery glow..

After having to put buying clothes for the shop on the back-burner to allow funds for… rent and bills and a few unexpected un-pleasants, we’re FINALLY pretty much out of that hole and can start putting it all together again! I’ve (slowly) been shooting the clothes for the first round of sales and its been challenging to go back behind the lens and in front of it at the same time..

how the hell do you shoot a sheer shirt?? Its hard.

Yesterday I met the team behind BlackSwan Theory who have a shop on Etsy, I got to hang out with some lovely girls, after getting my hair done and putting on some pretty rad lace flares and a crochet dress, we ran around a golf course getting yelled at by “Daddy McDoucheBag” who “asked us nicely” to leave the “dangerous” field.

I wish I had photos of all that..