stormy weather

by The Lingernots

This giant storm blew in from… Missouri? Thats what the half frozen news reporter could be hear muttering on the set above me at the laundry-mat… Blew the hot weather clean out of Austin and brought with it, icy sidewalks and broken trees.. and the occasional power outage. I’m due at work in 15 minutes but I’m only going to call my boss and and explain that theres no reason to be here today.

I’m at Bouldin Creek café, which isn’t on the creek anymore since they moved across the street, but their power was on and I managed to get a latté and a croissant before it all shut down. I paid with my card to test my fate even more. The scene was normal, everyone wired into their laptops and staring blissfully in their cappuccino cups, noticeably absent was the aroma of omelets and tacos.. The power went out and everyone looked up lazily and sighed, moved on to their smart phones, and then something I haven’t seen in, like, YEARS.. people gave up and started talking among themselves.

I, for once, am not complaining about the cold because I get a day off (yay rolling black outs!!) and I’m relatively warm.

Living in France, I used to notice that swedes always looked warm without ever looking like giant snow beasts. This baffled me for a long time. I decided that their genetic makeup must be superior, or they had heated leggings. Turns out its just smart layering. You don’t need thirty pounds of denim and wool to be warm, you just need the right fabrics. I do look like a “Burberry Terrorist” though because I’m wearing a plaid fleece blanket as a scarf. Yep. This girl is toasty warm.


Stay toasty!