Cold coffee, warm corners

by The Lingernots

It is freezing in this corner of the café. Brandon is laughing behind his hands at what I am guessing to be Lemmy footage.. (Were going to see the documentary on wednesday night at the Alamo.) The waitress has a patch of long whiskers under her chin that I can’t stop staring at, and once again, girl from Machete is a few tables away. I have not touched the glass of water that I ordered to follow my cup of (crack)coffee.


Yesterday I received my favorite kind of parcel, the type that comes in brown paper with foreign stamps and when I opened it, there they were, a perfect collection of pearly ostrich feathers! I’ve got a few more supplies coming in this week and then I’ll have NO EXCUSE to finish this project.

Speaking of jewelry, Stone & Honey have a cute and interesting collaboration with Satsuma Press to offer their Earth+Sky piece.. I like this idea a lot!

Looks like I’ll be spending a lot more time at MOHAWK, seeing as the Strange Boys are playing there on saturday and I want to photograph the show, and my favorite vintage boutique in Austin is participating in Fashion Freakout (feb 4th)


I’m also a privileged little princess and get to wear Black Swan Theory’s amazing collection for their next shoot on thursday

You can explore their Etsy Boutique right here.

I have nothing else to say, so with that, kisses and love.