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Bad Boys and Girls.



This book, found in a California salvation army.

This love.

The light he creates.

Priscilla, the car we got that has been our home on our travels

The strange details of a place as ordinary as a service station in the middle of Arizona, at three in the morning.

To see our shadows walking tall, even when I may feel small, sometimes.

Finally, our music. I’m happy to have all these things.

What makes you happy?

Wild Horses

If you are looking for some music to check out, please visit Amanda’s site, and if you get a chance to see her live, don’t miss it! I had the luck of having her and her sister Ida (songstress of Devil in These Guys and subject of part of the Ax and Apple shoot) stay at my apartment and waking up to these ladies crooning is pretty luxurious.

cross my fingers

(Photos of the San Jose Hotel, from

I’m waiting to hear back from the Hotel San Jose, about the possibility of shooting our look-book there. San Jose is the ultimate Austin rock and roll hotel, its so unbelievably beautiful and theres nothing more fun than drinking fiery micheladas next to the pool and run around their velvety ivy hallways. Cross your fingers!

  Our first show is tomorrow night! I can’t explain how excited I am about this. Our rehearsals are fun, the music changes every time, like a conversation. You can never re create a real conversation… I’m really proud to be a part of this band and I hope this takes us to some new and wild places.

Speaking of bands, Brian and I were at Threadgills last night for Cowboy and Indian’s last Austin show before they yet again ditch us for a tour! A beautiful set, I love them.

You should keep up with them right here..

Now, off to sew my clothes for tomorrow night!