Yes Days

A theory I absolutely believe in, and try my hardest to live my life by; A harmonious soul is a busy soul.

I’m not talking about running to the dry cleaners and paying your phone bill and electric bill in one day, that is life and the things that happen to go with them, that is simply growing up. I’m talking about filling your days with goals and the drive to accomplish them without excuses. Productivity is (for me) the absolute key to happiness, because I’m never as happy as when I see result of a hard day’s work!

I had the absolute pleasure of participating in a photo shoot with Alexandra Valenti on sunday, for Alchemy, a T shirt company I wrote about a while ago. Brandon and I walked to her house and it was one of those mornings that announced the arrival of Autumn, there was absolutely no one in the streets and the chilly air seemed like a gift..

It was a beautiful morning of music, mimosas, costumes, smoke machines, and most of all, a beautiful group of people that all work hard to create beauty.

Alexandra has these beautiful chickens in her garden and I couldn’t help but pick up a few floating feathers, this is my favorite of the bunch.

Speaking of beauty, and feathers… Emily, who owns Feathers Vintage, brought the most amazing clothing and jewels and made everyone there look like a bejeweled genie outlaw.

“I made this last night before going out..Its a bubonic plague mask”- Ed

Making up Christina, she and Ed created Alchemy.

I really can’t wait to see the end result!

You have twenty four hours in a day, do something more enriching than sleeping and studying. MAKE the time to do the things that make your heart beat.

Check out Alchemy Designs, and Feathers Vintage!