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I’m very in love with…Ax+Apple’s most recent collection, sleeveless shearling coats, cozy knit outfits and radical babes, and the most recent shoot I worked on with Ax+Apple happens to have all of the above!

One night over drinks we were marveling about all the raw talent this city has to offer, every day new people move here with their pretty faces, their passion, cameras hanging from their neck, ink stains at their fingertips and ideas falling from their mouths. The interesting thing is that usually when you find a winning team, you kind of stick to that, which is fabulous because they become your family, but once in a while you should open up and let some new talent in!

We invited Jenna Russell who was new from Salt Lake City and who is a fashion/ music editor for Ugly Magazine and who is also just stupidly stunning; and Nicholai (Harvy Moon) who had also just moved here and whose portrait work was really striking, to work with us to put together a simple look-book for A+A’s new collection.


With Fall arriving we seized the chance to showcase the season; warm earth-tones, cowhide rugs, feather hatbands, knit ensembles from For Love and Lemons (thanks guys<3 ) cozy turbans and wooly socks were the universe we wanted to dwell in. A world of fallen leaves, peppermint teas and leather hats…











I hope you like it as much as I do!

All photos by Harvy Moon, Modeled by Jenna Russell, Styled by Elza Burkart, All jewelry by Ax+Apple ( ) and all clothing by For Love And Lemons (






 It’s been a little over a year since the shop opened so I went into my archives and tried to compile every little Fauve&Hunter event! The Limo, the first pieces, the first shoots.. like a little yearbook! I will say I really miss that limo…




In San Rafael in a 60’s velvet caftan wielding an antique OTO sword



In ABQ Nez Mexico with Miss Priss, our Limo. RIP



Ultra Lazy in Austin TX in beaded dresses


1940’s bolero crop top found in Seattle on tour with TSJS.. I really wish I had made a pattern of that top because it was super cute!!


tumblr_m83wp6z4pw1qcm4nqo1_1280 Film noir vibes with peplum dresses, I’d love to do a film noir collection and shoot everything in a classic way..





Fall Romance with Charlotte in silk trench coats and silk flower crowns.. Charlotte came to visit from France and was the first girl I photographed for the shop!


tumblr_md97umJl0s1qcm4nqo1_1280 Dramatic art deco beaded gowns ❤ I live for beaded dresses, this one has chrysanthemums beaded all over it and if I recall correctly now belongs to a really beautiful tiny mermaid looking babe in NY…


The American Flag vest is the VERY first purchase for Fauve and Hunter, found in Yuma AZ by Brandon. The start of the adventure! 



Fauve= Wild Creatures

The first shoot in Los Angeles with Alexandra Montague in my incarnation of THE free spirited wild woman.

tumblr_mnizkqwNR31qbrd03o1_1280 tumblr_mrgi3y1NC91qcm4nqo1_1280

Emma Hefti as our Roller Dream Babe in Austin TX for our 1st themed collection, which was.. Im sure you can guess.




Gloria Dyer in the Constance Dress at AX+APPLE studio


Fauve&Hunter’s first lifestyle shoot with Gloria, boots, dresses and literature. 



Gloria in the beautiful Ax+Apple Studio wearing Fauve&Hunter


The amazing mosaic fur coat making this winter look perfect..


Alexis and Chicken for Ax+Apple Holiday



The amazing Sarah Winters in our Stella velvet dress



Sina at the Santa Monica Library by M. Bokorwski



Dora Burge in the 40’s emerald velvet gown. 


Looking over all of this makes me feel… really proud, and hungry to do more, to collaborate more and create all the time. I can’t wait to do another one of these in a year and see what other adventures happen! I think of all the people in my life today since F&H started and I really consider myself blessed.



party times!

Woah long absence!!

I went away for a few weeks to work with my dear friend and talented wardrobe lady Alexandria, to Solvang, which is an amazing little dutch village by Santa Barbara.

Now I’m back in LA and I wanted to invite anyone who may be around to come to Fauve and Hunter’s first little happy hour trunk show!!



adios 2013

I’m excited to kiss this year goodbye, it’s been an eventful, amazing, difficult, exhausting and huge year for me. I look forward to taking everything I learned in 2013 and applying it to the approaching year, I look forward to the adventures that will come my way…
I’ve picked out a handful of rad party dresses for the shop and they are on sale now! Click the photo to visit the shop!!
xoxo Elza




Something bout Decembers just make me want to escape to somewhere sunny like a white washed clay rooftop in Marrakech where it smells like honey and skunky hash, cinnamon and goat milk and we would wear curly toed leather slippers with bells and embroidery and silk robes that float in the desert air and the stars would twinkle all night.

But Vegas will have to do 😉

A note I keep, always


Every man

when he gets quiet

when he becomes desperately honest with himself

is capable of uttering profound truths.

We all derive from the same source.

There is no mystery about the origin of things.

We are all part of creation, all kings, all poets, all musicians, 

we only have to open up, only to discover

what is already there

tiny news


I’m going to get my vintage army jacket with my granny in law’s fox fur collar stitched on the collar, my cabbage rose giant cardigan coat, a huge box of framed art that I ended up with after a long day at work and a compulsive Society6 habit (oops, there are worse things than supporting indie artists though..) and all the records, ALL THE BOOKS, the china and tea cups, the silly elephant tea pot that always makes the perfect Earl Grey… I’m going to see my friends, make art with my friends and dance with them and eat way too much and most likely drink way too much..

Till then, here’s a sneak peek at some of the work I’ve been doing!






This is from a recent mini adventure in Brentwood’s canyons with Michele Lobosco, shooting with these dolls from Vision, Morgan and Kendell.

There’s another shoot in a cute Santa Monica library that I styled for Matt Borkowski, but I can’t post them until a certain magazine publishes them 😉


flowers for my loves

I love where I live.. The sun pours in softly from hazy chiffon curtains, you can hear birds chirp more than you hear cars, flowers bloom every morning and cats twitch their tails from the gates of little bungalow complexes.. It’s beautiful and sweet and then when the sun sets and the coyotes come out..

There’s missing pet signs stapled to every lamp post of the neighborhood, like in horror movies when some psycho is stealing animals, at night you hear these horrible sounds of animals fighting for their lives, cats and dogs being dragged around. It’s natural, after all, cats do hunt too, but it hurts so much when you find your own beloved bleeding on the sidewalk.

The other night while I was in the bath I heard a blood chilling sound that made my skin go cold even in the steaming water and I ran out in the street to see what was going on. I wasn’t even sure if it was one of my pets or a neighbor’s, but I knew something was getting hurt.


My little tabby Bogey was being mauled by two coyotes and his mama Lemmy (the black cat) was running terrified.. I chased the coyotes away and brought my baby home but he died soon after.. Lemmy hasn’t come home, but we think she’s alive and just disoriented on where her home is…

I miss them so much, it’s strange to think how much these tiny creatures have such huge souls and personalities. They are family.


This little guy is heartbroken, but getting through it too. The other day he spent the whole day under the covers, meowing, refusing to come out. Today he’s better and a little bit more together but he spends a lot of time crying and looking for his family.

All I can say is take care of your loved ones and treasure them all the time.





I’m behind on shooting but I did want to show y’all what’s on my moodboard!



All over floral


flowing silk























Sheer patterns



Ruffles and gauze and ostrich feathers..

I wish I had old vogues and photoplay magazines so I could put photos up all over the place but for now this will do..

twenty six

A few weeks ago, to wind down from a frenetic sleep deprived hurricane of a film shoot in Death Valley, we accompanied our visual mastermind Juan Azulay (of MTTR MGMT, a jack of all trades as long as those trades are completely engulfing and mind bending…) and Kate Arizmendi (whom I speak of often) to capture a glimpse of Lydia Lunch and record her monologue.

We met at one of those old Hollywood castle like apartments and she squished us all in the elevator, cigarettes, cameras, fur coats, heels, fluttering heart beats and all and pushed the button for the 14th (actually the 13th but they don’t make 13th floor elevator buttons) and sent us up to Jonathan Shaw’s apartment.

I didn’t really have much to do and I love seeing what makes a house a home for someone.. I wandered from room to room while Lydia spoke up a storm, and looked at book after book and he maybe had every word Henry Miller has ever written.. (No Nin, or Durell for that matter) There were books hidden everywhere. I felt at home, I wanted to leave a note but felt weird about since I had no idea what to write.

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I miss my books in Austin, I miss my little furry cats and art supplies and paintings and rug and all those things that we carry around that make us go to sleep at night, but most of all are books.

It’s my 26th birthday tomorrow and sometimes I think hard about everyone around me and wonder if they truly know anything about me. Sure, kittens, glitter, champagne, books, doing things backward and vintage dresses.. But those are just charms on a heavy charm bracelet jangling on my wrists..

I guess, (and since Shaw had none in his pretty apartment it struck me to find my favorite quote from her) the most vivid verbal portrait I could present, is not my own words.

“It is impossible to make my portrait because of my mobility. I am not photogenic because of my mobility. Peace, serenity, and integration are unknown to me. My familiar climate is anxiety. I write as I breathe, naturally, flowingly, spontaneously, out of an overflow, not as a substitute for life. I am more interested in human beings than in writing, more interested in lovemaking than in writing, more interested in living than in writing. More interested in becoming a work of art than in creating one. I am more interesting than what I write. I am gifted in relationship above all things. I have no confidence in myself and great confidence in others. I need love more than food. I stumble and make errors, and often want to die. When I look most transparent is probably when I have just come out of the fire. I walk into the fire always, and come out more alive.

I am apparently gentle, unstable, and full of pretenses. I will die a poet killed by the nonpoets, will renounce no dream, resign myself to no ugliness, accept nothing of the world but the one I made myself. I wrote, lived, loved like Don Quixote, and on the day of my death I will say: ‘Excuse me, it was all a dream,’ and by that time I may have found one who will say: ‘Not at all, it was true, absolutely true.’ ” -NIN