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Where did it come from?



I’m frequently asked where I find the clothes that I sell, what their story is, and truthfully, every piece has its own story. When I first started, I used to handwrite the location where the piece was found on every tag but as the trips got longer and the buys got bigger, it got a little difficult to do, but sometimes one or two stick out, so I thought I’d put some of them out here.. 

I also get asked if it’s hard to sell them, and sometimes YES because I’m a huge sentimalist, but I also like to imagine that the person who is getting this dress or coat is going to be really happy and love it more. I think I like to make people happy more than I like hoarding a million beautiful things that I don’t wear…

I do have a fantasy of just having a beautiful showroom where I rent out the vintage and it comes back to me every week. We’ll see about that.

I found this dress on a road trip through West Texas with my best friend Charlotte. We drove through an epic storm through Balmorhea (I’m sorry but the name really sounds like an STD) where we had a slumber party in a tiny motel, watching the most embarrassing reality TV (y’all remember Bravo’s Gigolos? we thought it was a dating show until some weirdness started happening on screen) and then spent the rest of the trip reading in Marfa, hiking through the state park, stargazing in Marathon n the motel where they shot Paris, Texas… The weather changed non stop and I found icelandic knit sweaters and cute snoopy postcards, and the minute the storm stopped the sweaters became useless because it was 90 degrees again. In a cute little store in Alpine TX I found this gem of a 1930’s day dress. It’s so delicate, when the sun shines through it looks like a phantom. the salesgirl wrapped it up in tissue paper before dropping it in a bag and 2 years later I finally decided it’s time to say goodbye…


peachesdress1 In Venice beach I went to a sale and everything I found was purple.. Sometimes there are days like that… I found a purple caftan with egyptian gods printed on it and cool wooden buttons and high thigh slits… I found a purple mini dress with silver symbols silkscreened on it ( holding on to that one) and I found this little gem, its the perfect 70’s dream girl dress.. the bodice laces up so you can show just a little skin, the skirt swishes just right, it looks amazing with lace up boots and it looks sexy with platform shoes.. The faux patchwork print on it is really unusual too.. Definitely one of my favorite little dresses.

roseflapper1This one I found at an estate sale, the house was all shades of baby blue and the plants had a lot of dust on the leaves. I marveled over the owner’s Hollywood Regency furniture that I couldn’t take with me (the perils of being on foot) and I swooned over this giant silver mirror with mother of pearl inlays that would have set me back a cool $600 (in another life) so instead I took this little drop waist dress from the 70’s, I love the relaxed style of it, I love the rose color and I really really like how romantic it looks. It’s funny that it was there because nothing else was like that, everything was giant furs and chico’s suits. I like to think this dress was from her past and was waiting for me.


silkruffle2 I found this at a huge market in Austin and it was hanging all by itself on a rack full of western wear.. lot’s of cool suede chaps and fringe leather jackets and cowboy boots, and then this silk creation just swaying by itself. It’s really one of the prettier dresses I’ve ever found, it’s cut perfectly and makes anyone look really graceful. Currently it lives next to a lot of dresses, far away from the austin flea market scene. I always wonder who it belonged to.


And there you have it… a tiny history of some of the vintage in the store…



A quiet holiday






We took a brief escape to Las Vegas during the christmas holiday..a crisscrossing mess of twinkling lights and loud noises, ironically quiet during christmas.


We spent the first night curled up by the fireplace at The Griffin drinking whiskey and exchanging silly gifts with all our other California runaways (it seemed we all had the same idea) and then roaming eery casinos ( I THINK THEY ARE EERY) watching small fortunes disappear in mechanical toys, grannies sipping cocktails with poison red cherries staining the whipped cream that makes their fingers sticky.. smoking cigarette after cigarette and concentrating on trading quarters for dollars..

IMG_0122Letting the sunlight pour in through the blinds so the ghostly orchid can sunbathe a little..

IMG_0114I did the same thing too.

IMG_0130Countless cups of black coffees in the hidden lush patio of our hotel.

We did get to explore the town a little bit, visiting art galleries and coffee shops and record stores.. I found some amazing clothes at Electric Lemonade (which Brandon noticed carries Ax+Apple, yay!) and we finally made it home after hours of crazy traffic..

How was everyone’s Christmas?

Also, I’m giving away my favorite dress from Fauve&Hunter!

To win this, simply like Fauve&Hunter on Facebook and repost the image with a link to the shop (and tag us with @fauveandhunter) so I know who you are!


I will let the winner know December 31st! Anyone can win! Boys and Girls! xoxo

Frisco Disco

We drove to San Francisco last week. That, is one of the reasons that was so appealing about moving out of Texas. Driving places that aren’t Texas, in a mere handful of hours. We, Brandon drove, I mumbled to my favorite twenty songs on my playlists and watched the blue sky turn faithfully grey the second we hit San Francisco.

The mist, the wind that doesn’t whip you but wraps around you (still impossible to get by without a hat) rolling hills, the history.. San Francisco always gets me a little quietly. I look for nooks and corners, I go for long walks and Brandon and I finish whole bottles of wine at Terroir.

It was definitely a musical weekend, we saw our friends play at The Monarch the day before TSJS played

CFG4Jordan and Stella of Cash for Gold

CFG1Cash for Gold

CFG9Two-Headed George


The next day, TSJS played at Slim’s SF, opening for Orchid. We showed up early, it was a magical scene with amps buzzing, long haired musicians sipping drinks waiting for their turn to soundcheck, catching up on lost time, sipping drinks from amber colored bottles.. The show was insane and we had quite a party with our SF family.

lindseyLindsey Voorhees

florie2Florie Maschmeyer of Vela Eyes making our shirts look amazing



And then… we bid farewell, hid in the hills of marin county for a day eating vietnamese food and movies flickering on the wall via projections, before driving back to Los Angeles at dawn.. Now it’s time to prep for AUSTIN!


knock three times




It seems like every time I get back to LA, I’m on my way out again for a new adventure! We had just gotten back from Psych-fest (which was the best, by the way) when we finished our laundry it was time to do the last minute prep for the video shoot, where we disappeared into the ruins of California to capture some velvet draped magic, which I can’t show you until july (Its KILLING me and I’m terrible with surprises, so this is HARD.)

So fast forward a few weeks, we’re home. Making giant forts in Disney hotels, visiting haunted mansions in San Diego that was built for legendary couturrière , Amy Strong who was known for her deep spiritualism and beautiful dresses..


There’s details from the entire world in every room of the house, carvings in the doorways, filigree from Ireland on windows, it’s really a special place, I’d love to explore it unsupervised. It’s truly insane, how much mystery California holds in its valleys and hills.

What are your most treasured secret spots?


are we there yet

I don’t know Arizona too well, I can tell you where to find beautiful dresses and a rad bloody mary in Tucson, I can even tell you where the friendliest record store in Tucson is and a street where all the houses have been converted into artsy cafe’s and you can eat beet and pear salads and watch the sunsets. My favorite thing about Arizona is the sunsets..


I mean, that sky is from another world.

_MG_2505 _MG_2516 _MG_2517

Snapped a few shots of The Saint James Society rehearsing before Psych Fest (Thanks Meganaut for lending us your homey space for the week!) It was a hazy week that turned into a wild weekend. I can’t think of a better time to be in Austin, or a better festival.

_MG_2623 _MG_2624 _MG_2627

This trip to Austin was special, we packed the limo with shredded paisley shirts and sheer dresses, had more boot straps than socks, Kate Arizmendi hopped along for the ride and captured some footage of the trip that are on her blog

tumblr_mm9k4wYOmB1qk2hs4o4_500 tumblr_mm9k4wYOmB1qk2hs4o3_500

There were also tires that blew up, pool tables scuffed, ripped hems, rain storms and muddy boots, too much rum, and 48 hours of driving in a week.

In other grand news, FAUVE AND HUNTER IS LAUNCHED (softly) but all clothes are available and more will be posted shortly!!

The city that didn’t sleep.

We went to New York for a few days, to feel our heartbeats hit to the cadence of golden skinned gum smacking girls with golden hoop earrings and sharp red nails, and to the walk of thin white boys enveloped in tweeds and wools…The city is an immense, almost catastrophic puzzle of jolie-laide, everyone is beautiful.. not like LA where everyone is pretty. Polish women sell little bags of oranges under icy wet bridges and tall girls with endless limbs float through the streets and they don’t look cold.


People are just always outside, people eating, people yelling, people laughing, people snapping gum, people snapping pictures, people posing for photos, a foot kicked back on a shop facade at 4am talking about the news, faded red hair and long fur coats doing interviews in between bites of steaming food at the bagel smith. Girls that look equine in spandex suits dancing to music in all night pour-houses, cab rides, calling cars, car crashes and car horns, metro rides and the helpless sway of rush hour.. The non-chalance of bodies crushing each other in the trains, which empty out as quickly as they filled up…


Velvet clad doormen reading Krishnamurti on the tufted banquet at the hidden lounge under the Chelsea Inn, where lush fruit falls languidly on the bar from their pewter trays and legs are arched from high black heels, and little white teeth shine against dark red lipstick, and the bartender is graceful and calm in his orchestra of waitresses and glassware and patrons


Climbing upstairs to private bars, tiptoeing down stairs to secret clubs, running into dive bars and running out of crowded bars.. Glasses of champagne that refuse to be empty, and nights so cold they feel like the stars are simply shards of ice about to rain on your shoulders..

Brooklyn breakfasts with warm honeyed soul food, purple potato cakes and mapley carrots, big fluffy salted butter biscuits and endless eggs and blueberry pancakes blanketing antique mismatched plates, with Bowie singing on the stereo about the prettiest stars…


Momlets at the Cafe Argentino (Momlets are omelets that are super simple and taste better than any fancy breakfast ever) and walking and talking near haunted burned down buildings, talking about djins and genies and ghosts we’ve met, coffees in hallway sized coffee shops listening to 70’s party jams where everyone was stone faced staring into lap top lights..

NY was cool, it was exciting like a weekend lover you meet in a dark bar and I’ll dream about it over and over again and when I come back, it will be completely different, as these sorts of things always are, in the best ways.

It’s not a desert if it rains..


Charlotte and I drove off to West Texas for a few days, to get away from the slow end of summer, in Austin.. We stopped in Balmorhea, got stopped by the police.. pulled up to the little lakeside town to our Motel and after a walk in the rain that felt like we were in Astoria, OR, four little boys in a dune-buggy roared by and yelled “HIIIIII WE LOOOOVE YOOOUUUUUU!!!!” We curled up in our motel and watched some really enriching crap on tv, jumped on the bed, did some crazy dancing and fell asleep to the rain on the windows..





This is a place that makes me breathe deep, full breaths and notice every little thing… We walked around the main street and then walked behind every building and all the houses.. I picked up a book by Cory Lovell ( that I’m obsessed with. We got bloody marys at Padres and read in the patio all afternoon, took a nap in our little home-for-the-night at El Cosmico, before going to Planet Marfa and obliterating the guys in the tent next to us at a  ping pong game.. There was a beautiful band with a dark cherry skinned beauty singing songs with a desert boy and Banditos drinking beers under the moonlight..

We ate midnight snacks by the little lanterns by our tent and fell asleep under thick wool army blankets and white sheets that smelled of cotton flowers and the air smelled like rain.. we woke up to rainfall and listened to it fall on the heavy canvas canopy.. Went to Frama coffee and ate fig newtons (roadtrip diet: fig newtons and coffee) and planned out the rest of the day…


Just a little while away from Marfa is a little main-street town where all the buildings are so beautiful and painted with hares and snakes, the sidewalk has these carvings into it and its also, where part of Paris, TX was filmed, so we HAD to stay in the MARATHON MOTEL which is the same motel as the movie…

The next day we went to the Big Bend national park.. felt minuscule while looking at these insane canyons and long deserts and squealed at every wild hare and deer and I turned green every time we saw a spider..

 Denim shirt scored at La Junta Vintage in Alpine TX


The rain had left the desert into a dance floor for monarch butterflies.. I feel sad about how many of them flew right into our windshield..

I have a dress that matches him perfectly..

We drove back home and listened to the radio the whole way, switching from fuzzy blues, crazed mexican love songs (spawning the game of calling out “CORAZON” at the same time as the singer does, to pass the time) Eery sermons on the church stations and whatever NPR was softly speaking about at the time.

I love road trips..

If you’re traveling through Marfa, make sure to visit

Frama Coffee (

The Marfa Book Company (

Planet Marfa (

 El Cosmico (

Padres (

In Marathon

Marathon Motel (

 get real coffee at the White buffalo saloon at the gage hotel (

The Snakebite saloon,Shelley’s burnt biscuit,The French Grocer

Picture This

 Truck stop primping.

 painted cars in Marfa TX

 Various “back in a minute” signs from a Marfa TX shop

 My love in Marfa

 The view from the loft in our Tour Beast..

 New Mexico Truck Stops… found this skull, now our tour merch watcher

 Vintage gems in San Diego

 Blossoms in Los Angeles

 The Satellite in LA

 In LA..

 David sleeping with Eva’s pup..

 7 am in San Francisco…. more later!

I love you all so much.


C’est la Vie



 I’d say something about this tour, but Jason Myers is already writing a book about it!! So I’ll let him make it far more compelling than I ever could.


il est à l’envers…mon pull..

Spent the week in california with old friends and a great hat…

Metro stop flowers..

 My soon to be Doctor Charlotte flew in and we ran off to a sleepy beachtown get away, rented a cottage and drank whiskeys and pet all the beach dogs..

  I won’t lie, it was a little bit nippy..

 Our room..

She’s so beautiful in the morning light (and every other light).

Spent the rest of the time walking through north beach and having coffee at café Grecco, buying vintage in the mission and running through chinatown and getting lost in all the dead end streets.. To everyone that made this trip so beautiful, merci, and to those that we didn’t have the time to see, desolé, but we will be back in two months!

all photos by me.