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What’s inside a girl?

Things have been a little quiet at but that’s only because I’ve been immersing myself in a grand project which you’ll all get to see really really soon! I’m releasing 3 (three!?) vintage capsule collections (the last one we released was RollerGirl, a year ago which was so fun!) this spring, all inspired by women, namely three very different, but amazing women.

The first collection is Paler Shades of Whimsy, it will feature feminine shapes with whimsical details and notions. Pastels often get a bad rep for being infantile, I refuse to accept that, so I’ve been curating a mini pastel collection to celebrate the childlike wonder in all of us. I drew inspiration from Hsiao Ron Cheng’s Portrait Series, Rococo art and Hollywood Regency furnishings,  Saturday Morning Cartoons and vintage silk squares. This collection is sweet, but not saccharine!





The 2nd is 29 Palms

Inspired by the California Desert Cities and it’s vivid mark on music and art, this collection is all sun bleached cotton gauze, crochet details, dusty leather boots, long fringed suede jackets, faded denim and embroidery. The 29 Palms Girl escapes the city lights to renew her heart under the stars of Joshua Tree. She’s wild and she’s wise. She doesn’t pay attention to trends, her way of dressing is almost accidental, effortless. She shops her local thrift stores and makes her own floaty dresses from crochet tablecloths, she hasn’t read a fashion magazine in who knows how long because she’s too busy painting and reading the stars.




Last (because I save the most sentimental for last, always) is Et Dieu Crea La Femme.

This mini collection is a homage to my memories in the south of France as a child. Watching my mother with her impossibly tan skin and white blond hair looking glamorous whether she wore ripped 501s or knit summer dresses. Always in tiny chain ankle bracelets and coral rings and forever in bare feet with wayfarers and a cigarette. My grandmother with her wasp waist and linen dresses, leather sandals and coral lips. All the beautiful olive skinned women in dark dresses and “panniers de marchées” that smelled like amber and coconut sun tan oil. They all had this warm glamour echoed in this collection of warm colors, black silk frocks, worn with strappy flat sandals, beach bags, hair scarves and huge sunglasses.   This woman is my first idol of femininity, she is the spirit of Mediterranean cities.






I hope you’ll love these collections as much as I do! They’ll be released this April on and somewhere else, which I’m keeping secret for now 😉

xoxo Elza

I have a letter for you


I’m working on this project right now and one of the funny things that ended up happening was I spent a good portion of a beautiful day, researching letterheads and stationary and what ended up happening, was a complete obsession. File that one with my love affair with stereoscopes and old postcards from lovers.

Stationary, I’ve always liked, and is still something that’s quite easy to find, but there is this insane wealth of gorgeous letterheads that seems to be an endangered species of Relics That Shouldn’t Disappear. (Handmade zines, polaroid film, mix tapes and handwritten letters are all in there) What is today just a little logo and an address, was once like a total mural at the top of your letters! These are my favorites that I’ve found. (Above, the Old Kentucky letterhead is adorable because I love raccoons)


This is so rad, it looks like a Peter Max doodle.


Bowie’s looks like its on kraft paper. He’s always been coolest.




Again. So perfect.


This is beautiful and I can only imagine the detail on the stamp that this was made from.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.39.40 AM

I found this one on Ebay, it reminds me of archie comics and halloween.Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.50.38 AM

This is from Ebay, again. This is the letterhead for a GAS STATION. Can you imagine a chevron today sending out notices on something so pretty? I think theres a market for boutique gas stations. Fill up, get your girl a peony, and get a sandwich that isn’t nuclear.


Marcel Marceau


Frank Lloyd Wright’s is just insane

and last but not least


Oh Charles… You would have “The World’s Most Perfectly Developed Man” scrawled between your legs..

Anyone else here longing for their own pad of personalized paper? I think I’m going to get on mine.


A guide to sxsw

Just a couple more days to get ready for SXSW! It’s funny how every year that I attend, it’s doing something different. It’s a hectic week in Austin, mostly really fun, sometimes overwhelming and inevitably sludgy in terms of traffic. I’m almost ready for it all, but I need plenty of inspiration to stay focused, otherwise I’m just going to stress out and then I’ll forget everything.



The WEATHER at sxsw is always funny, usually it’s warm, or scorching hot with a crazy temperature drop and icy winds to catch you off guard, to bring fur coats or not? I think I’ll leave them behind…


No really though… what are we all going to bring?






Absolutely in love with this Lindsey Windlam embroidery, which reminds me of a treasure one would find at Uncommon Objects on South Congress..





I’ve packed SO many beautiful gauzy floaty white dresses, they’re perfect for enchanting from the crowd at all the shows you’ll catch.. Don’t spill your bloody marys on them though..

tumblr_mys5hfRTyl1qj6oujo1_500If you do.. make sure you’re wearing something amazing under it all.. you never know what kind of trouble you’ll get into..

tumblr_luyzr2jWrL1qg4g7to1_500Make sure you’re partying with people you love, because theres nothing I hate more than drama at festivals! who wants to fight and pout while you’re supposed to have fun?

tumblr_mnmjjaqZPu1s5uquqo1_500Make sure you’ve arranged a fabulous place to camp out because it does get draining after a while. The St. Cecilia is totally booked but you never know what could happen!

tumblr_mv5771njAX1qh78jlo1_500 Just don’t pass out in the street, Austin is cool and cute but weird things still happen. Someone might step on your dress..or something.



Just have fun! Don’t forget your sunscreen and lipstick.

paoloreversi1999Keep your eyes open and sprinkle little glitter stars..


And have a blast.

Don’t forget to visit the shop Fauve&Hunter, I’ll be with the ethereal and amazing Dust&Drag at the PsychFest showcase! (more info on that soon)








Daze in Vegas



I went to Vegas with my girls Jamie and Erica.. three girls packed into a little silver car with a Yoda ornament bopping along to the speed bumps and turns, all the way to our black glass pyramid hotel (The Luxor, which I only recommend for it’s pyramid soap and if you need to be close to Magic or whatever trade show is going on at Mandalay Bay) The Luxor has some crazy ghosts which our room service man regaled us with scary tales before leaving us completely bewildered.

tumblr_n1b0nyPVCW1qkc3vdo1_500photo via Jamie Dorfman

Ax+Apple was showing at ENK Vegas which is one of the more specific shows under the Magic Convention. I always LOVE going to the shows because its the circus, everyone is there, working really hard, you get to see what designers and creators have been dreaming up for the past 5 months and you get to see what’s in store for the next season! It’s like peeking into a visual future.. You get to meet designers, jewelry makers, photographers, investors, musicians.. You inevitable get too tipsy too early and fall into pastry delirium the way we did at The Wicked Spoon on day 2.

tumblr_mkqp19HOLK1s9y0ito1_1280We’ll just eat cake.

We saw Ice Cube play a show at the Hudson Jean’s party where pink champagne and bowls of strawberries were over flowing and we watched apocalyptic sunrises every morning in our window. I got lost every day and added an extra mile of walking around trying to find an exit to the casino (it’s a trap). Met some beautiful LA designers who I think have one of my favorite new labels, Harlyn.

harlyn2 harlyn1Harlyn Label ss2014

It’s got everything I long for from vintage fashion, but in updated fabrics and cuts, all silks and soft soft cotton. The trousers are a dream and the next collection is definitely going to be a huge deal.

Otherwise.. Vegas was Vegas in all it’s weird, chilling reality. We drove home and I felt relief when we drove into our dusky purple sky city.

Now I’m gathering up the pieces to bring to SXSW! I’m beyond excited to be in Texas, to be selling with my soul sister Stephanie and see some bands and meet some of my amazing customers!

Are you going to be at SXSW? Keep in touch!!

A Mind of Beauty

Every once in a while I remember that I’m absolutely mad about botanical prints (I have a box that contains hundreds of postcards that are all botanical/ instructional posters and I haven’t sent any out…) and today while thinking about what to do to the bathroom (it needs art. All bathrooms do, we spend so much time in them).

While looking around on Etsy for an art printing company that may have what I was looking for, (I found two! hurray!) I just tossed myself down a huge Ernst Haeckel Rabbit Hole, more specifically, his JELLYFISH.







First, these are SO stunning, the fact that these are just floating around doing a transparent ballet in the ocean is baffling, their composition is exquisite.

Second, Haeckel is such an interesting person, accomplishing more in one lifetime than I can imagine in two…

“Biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor and artist who discovered, described and named thousands of new species, mapped a genealogical tree relating all life forms, and coined many terms in biology, including antropogenyecology, phylum,phylogeny, stem cell, and the kingdom Protista. Haeckel promoted and popularized Darwin’s work in Germany and developed the controversial recapitulation theory(“ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”) claiming that an individual organism’s biological development, or ontogeny, parallels and summarizes its species’ evolutionary development, or phylogeny.”

Thanks, wiki. 

Beyond the gift of research, the man also had a beautiful sense of design, I think his life accomplishments are a gift to the world.


Also, he (on the right) and his assistant, Nikolai Niklouho Maklai are look like babes that ran out of a Wes Anderson film.

It doesn’t have to be an act.

Watching the rain fall from the kitchen window, pointing my toes at the little white Welbilt oven that we use to keep the house toasty, and it’s early-ish this saturday morning, I feel like the only one that’s awake (I know I’m not, but from up here it just looks so quiet and sleepy). All the houses look like little tree forts with voluminous curtains and twinkling christmas lights.

I’ve been busy. Busy working, busy learning. Busy falling in love with life again (you know, sometimes we forget how rad everything is and we spend too much time kicking rocks and sniffling because of really dumb things) and especially busy making my life the one that I dream of living. I think that’s an important thing to think about while contemplating change; Do what you need to make your life inspirational to you.

I think it’s too easy to watch the world go by from behind a window or a screen. To intimidate yourself from accomplishments because you might fear mistakes. To venerate people and lifestyles that seem effortlessly perfect and almost, unfairly just given to someone else. The thing is, few people showcase their mistakes.

When you see photos of someone’s picture perfect life with their always smiling baby, gorgeous floor-length all lace dresses and pink sunsets and cabbage roses, it’s not a LIE, but be assured that there’s days that are also wretched and stressful and snotty, but no ones going to proudly capture that moment and show it to the world. Why would you want to? Do people need a reminder that life can be difficult for everyone, that every single person out there in incredibly vulnerable, whether or not they show you that?


photo unknown

Appreciate beauty in the world around you, appreciate beauty in the world you observe, but most of all appreciate beauty in your everyday, and if you feel like you don’t have enough, MAKE it.



I remember my mother coming home one day after a stop at Red Devil Records when that was still in Petaluma, she had picked up a couple of CDs, I remember only one, that was Lou Reed’s Transformer.

At an age where I liked to turn my nose up at a majority of my mom’s musical offerings, that was one I couldn’t even pretend to dislike. The songs were sung softly, they told stories about people that I wanted to know, people with glitter stuck in their teeth and who had nasty things to say, and also they were tender and melodic and haunting. I tried to imagine who the perfect day had been spent with, I hoped one day I would have an experience that would inspire something like Sattelite Of Love.

In later days I would hear horror stories about a particularily nasty personality, but that didn’t really matter, who said talent went hand in hand with a sparkling sweetheart personality? Who had to be nice to everyone? So the records still spun, round and round, narrating long nights and short days, debaucherous parties, sweet mornings, teary eyed days spent under covers, picnics on fire escapes..

Lester Bangs, who had a lot to say about every note Reed ever played, wrote some of the most trippy and rad reviews on him, this one being a favorite..

When you wake up in the morning with the worst hangover of your life, Metal Machine Music is the best medicine. Because when you first arise you’re probably so fucked (i.e., still drunk) that is doesn’t even really hurt yet (not like it’s going to), so you should put this album on immediately, not only to clear all the crap out of your head, but to prepare you for what’s in store the rest of the day.

Speaking of clearing out crap, I once had this friend who would say, “I take acid at least every two months & JUST BLOW ALL THE BAD SHIT OUTA MY BRAIN!” So I say the same thing about MMM. Except I take it about once a day, like vitamins.

In his excellent liner notes, Lou asserts that he and the other speedfreaks did not start World Wars I, II, “or the Bay of Pigs, for that matter.” And he’s right. If everybody took amphetamines, all the time, everybody would understand each other. Either that or never listen or bother with the other son of a bitch, because they’d all be too busy spending three days drawing psychedelic lines around a piece of steno paper until it’s totally black, writing eighty-page letters about meaningless occurrences to their mothers, or creating MMM. There would be no more wars, and peace and harmony would reign. Just imagine Gerald Ford on speed- he might manifest some glimmer of personality. Or Ronald Reagan- a blood vessel in his snapping-turtle lips would immediately burst, perhaps ridding us of that cocksucker. As is well known by now, JFK enjoyed regular injections of Meth and vitamins from happy croakers. ‘Nuff said. Hey may not have actually accomplished anything (except the Bay of Pigs- wait a minute, Lou hasn’t been doing his homework), but he had style and a winning smile.


I woke up this morning and in french, english and spanish, all words were for Lou. I think it’s amazing that a handful of songs have been such an integral part of so many people’s lives. Lou Reed isn’t lost, he’s immortal through his records. So I hope everyone has a perfect day and I love you all. ❤

Cinnamon Girl

My sweet friends Jamie and Gloria just got back from a trip to Iceland (envious! Their photos of the mars red landscapes and diamond lakes are KILLING me!!). I came over to the Ax+Apple studio to welcome them home and also to shoot a couple photos of Gloria in some vintage that will be hitting the store in the fall!!

I love fall, I think it’s a very romantic season, almost more so than Spring (which is more…flirtatious.) It’s not quite cold yet, the leaves are changing colors, the smells are different, the sounds are beautiful. It’s a time of whiskey and records, favorite books and reflection.

All clothes from Fauve&Hunter, jewels by Ax+Apple, MUA is Jacqueline Fernandez, Modeled by Gloria Dyer

gloriacatdress1Gloria in the Lionne Maxi Dress

Gloriacatdress3gloriacatdress2gloriacatdress4All the jewels are by Ax+Apple


In a 1930’s floral tea dress



gloriadollyGloria and Dolly.. Gloria is wearing this super cute floral 70’s dress with deep pockets..

gloriapursegloriapocketdress2gloriateadressbalconyGloria wearing a sheer lace tea dress with an Ax+Apple body chain

gloriateadress3gloriateadresstrialgloriacopygloriacatmask2I love this cute kitty mask I brought back from my last Austin TX visit, I sort of have this mini fantasy of wearing it with everything)

 Visit Ax+Apple

Shop FauveandHunter

Meet Rollergirl!

She’s our never ending summer dream girl, plucking flowers from the neighbor’s yard as she whirls by on her white skates..


I had a blast shooting this in Austin TX with the beautiful Emma Hefti! I’ve been dreaming of organizing the shop into themed capsule collections,

One of my dream vibes has always been 70’s venice beach roller disco princesses, so we put together the perfect wardrobe for the quintessencial Rollergirl!




The whole collection will be available on on Friday!!!!



how to make a gif at

I’m crazy excited to go to Austin (in FIVE DAYS) to get together with my beloved creative visionaries and put together Fauve and Hunter’s first editorial shoot featuring our very own starry eyed disco slam dancing Rollergirl!


The anticipation is driving me mad!