What’s inside a girl?

by The Lingernots

Things have been a little quiet at http://www.fauveandhunter.com but that’s only because I’ve been immersing myself in a grand project which you’ll all get to see really really soon! I’m releasing 3 (three!?) vintage capsule collections (the last one we released was RollerGirl, a year ago which was so fun!) this spring, all inspired by women, namely three very different, but amazing women.

The first collection is Paler Shades of Whimsy, it will feature feminine shapes with whimsical details and notions. Pastels often get a bad rep for being infantile, I refuse to accept that, so I’ve been curating a mini pastel collection to celebrate the childlike wonder in all of us. I drew inspiration from Hsiao Ron Cheng’s Portrait Series, Rococo art and Hollywood Regency furnishings,  Saturday Morning Cartoons and vintage silk squares. This collection is sweet, but not saccharine!





The 2nd is 29 Palms

Inspired by the California Desert Cities and it’s vivid mark on music and art, this collection is all sun bleached cotton gauze, crochet details, dusty leather boots, long fringed suede jackets, faded denim and embroidery. The 29 Palms Girl escapes the city lights to renew her heart under the stars of Joshua Tree. She’s wild and she’s wise. She doesn’t pay attention to trends, her way of dressing is almost accidental, effortless. She shops her local thrift stores and makes her own floaty dresses from crochet tablecloths, she hasn’t read a fashion magazine in who knows how long because she’s too busy painting and reading the stars.




Last (because I save the most sentimental for last, always) is Et Dieu Crea La Femme.

This mini collection is a homage to my memories in the south of France as a child. Watching my mother with her impossibly tan skin and white blond hair looking glamorous whether she wore ripped 501s or knit summer dresses. Always in tiny chain ankle bracelets and coral rings and forever in bare feet with wayfarers and a cigarette. My grandmother with her wasp waist and linen dresses, leather sandals and coral lips. All the beautiful olive skinned women in dark dresses and “panniers de marchées” that smelled like amber and coconut sun tan oil. They all had this warm glamour echoed in this collection of warm colors, black silk frocks, worn with strappy flat sandals, beach bags, hair scarves and huge sunglasses.   This woman is my first idol of femininity, she is the spirit of Mediterranean cities.






I hope you’ll love these collections as much as I do! They’ll be released this April on http://www.fauveandhunter.com and somewhere else, which I’m keeping secret for now 😉

xoxo Elza