We’re setting up shop at….

by The Lingernots



One thing I’ve been really asking myself, is how to grow a business that takes place in a small room (who am I kidding, a small room and often with piles tumbling all over the house) is how to grow. How do I take it beyond a website? The daily tug at social media which sometimes feels like Im pulling on a sweater sleeve trying to get noticed. Sometimes social media feels contrived. I crave organic relationships, I want to give people beautiful things. I want these people to have a fond memory, I want to create a family. That’s the dream.

Travel, meet strangers, embrace the family, find beauty, give beauty, go home, and embrace my family at home.

Wash, rinse, repeat…

I want to do regular pop up markets in Los Angeles and the rest of the country. We started in Austin TX, and taking the shop to Austin for SXSW was such a rad and important experience, I knew then that festivals and pop ups was the way for Fauve&Hunter to grow.

My next one is at the legendary New York market, Artists& Fleas, which has opened a Los Angeles market! It’s every third weekend of the month, and it’s free! Amazing artisans, food trucks, DJs, vintage and decor! I’m really excited to take part in A&A regularly and the first one is next weekend!

I’m sometimes asked if I would ever want a physical store. I think about it, but I know that the answer is, no.

I crave freedom. My home is my heart, my husband, and our lives, we both have a lot of structure in our lives, but NEED to not be shackled by everything.

Having a store means more rent, decor, employees, more overhead, more stock, more responsibilities. The closest thing I can think of doing, would be renting a stall in a vintage mall or something, but that’s for later. For now, I’ll keep traveling and setting up little tents of wonder.

Hope to see you there!