new arrivals and wearing the clothes vs them wearing YOU.

by The Lingernots

sagebeadedskirt  30sskirt3 turtleneckblouse1

Some of my favorite arrivals at Fauve&Hunter! The first is this amazing lavender silk skirt with gorgeous beadwork that is SO unique and dreamy! The second is actually a 1930’s bias cut silk skirt that has the most amazing fluid movement, anyone wearing this looks like they are just floating by, and with cool turtlenecks and berets it has a total film noir vibe! The third is actually this cool foulard print super soft top that buttons in the back and looks perfect with any and everything..

As a girl you always grow up with funny, completely bizarre “rules” The whole “short girls can’t wear long skirts” thing is absolute bull, I think little ladies look amazing in long gowns and skirts, does it make you look like you’re 6 feet tall? no, because you aren’t. However it can make your silhouette REALLY graceful and make ankles look really cute and tiny.

Black and brown? They look great together, really, they do. I know “you’re not supposed to” but honestly.. it’s velvety and pretty. Clothing is frivolous art, you can express yourself with the tiniest details (clothes really do tell a story, between coded pocket bandanas and political pins and band patches…)


Here I took three really different skirts, (since I’ve been really into them) and styled them for three really different personalities. The first is a wooly, pleated southwestern number that seems really bohemian and cozy. It’s bordering on heavy and loud, but with a little attention could be a really striking piece, theres a tiny bit of teal in the pattern so a cool coat in that teal would be really beautiful, and since a coat and that wool is so bulky, sharp well tailored shoes and simple tops would seal the deal…It’s bold and adventurous like Diana Vreeland so I added her book of memos and a marvelous hat, because good hats are never too much.

#2 is a leather tulip skirt that I think would look great with a really cozy, pale knit sweater.. I still love turbans and staying in light heavy knits make the black leather stand out more. I like to add a splash of color with  some cool pointy mary janes or flats, and now with the insane variety you can get anywhere (they don’t have to be miu miu, Urban Outfitters has an overwhelming amount of options for flats for well under $30 and they’ll last you longer than you think).  This one is a hopeless romantic and I imagine her to read Zelda Fitzgerald (who never gets enough credit for the beauty of her writing, in my honest opinion)

#3 is Eccentric, dramatic and artsy with the insane gold and black striped fishtail skirt, saucy lingerie and faithful leather jacket.. delicious shoes, giant sunglasses and knows about every art show ever. Like Catherine Baba riding her peugot bicycle in 7 inch prada heels and looking straight ahead of her, this is all… natural.

Like I said, you can let your clothes define you, or YOU can define yourself with the way you carry yourself. It’s all fun.