by The Lingernots






Fun with a new flash…. and leather.

(leather halter by Novella Royale)

I’ve been reading Troubled Sleep (sartre) which is the third installment of Sartre’s trilogy, The Roads To Freedom. It follows a cast of characters, none of which are extremely likable, yet they are ll written with a really succinct voice. One character in particular, Daniel, who is (in my opinion) the least likable, in terms of personality and attributes, is written so feverishly, with the most beautiful sentence structure and crystalline words, that I wonder if he is the most Sartre-like, or if he’s a sort of romantic evil for him. The other chapters pale in comparison to the Daniel chapters.

In reading the dialogue of the french soldiers, the wordings seemed really southern to me (not southern french, but really American), when I researched the translator it turns out he was a professor at UT Texas. It seems weird to bend another’s writing to your own blood.


“Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth.”