by The Lingernots





 It’s been a little over a year since the shop opened so I went into my archives and tried to compile every little Fauve&Hunter event! The Limo, the first pieces, the first shoots.. like a little yearbook! I will say I really miss that limo…




In San Rafael in a 60’s velvet caftan wielding an antique OTO sword



In ABQ Nez Mexico with Miss Priss, our Limo. RIP



Ultra Lazy in Austin TX in beaded dresses


1940’s bolero crop top found in Seattle on tour with TSJS.. I really wish I had made a pattern of that top because it was super cute!!


tumblr_m83wp6z4pw1qcm4nqo1_1280 Film noir vibes with peplum dresses, I’d love to do a film noir collection and shoot everything in a classic way..





Fall Romance with Charlotte in silk trench coats and silk flower crowns.. Charlotte came to visit from France and was the first girl I photographed for the shop!


tumblr_md97umJl0s1qcm4nqo1_1280 Dramatic art deco beaded gowns ❤ I live for beaded dresses, this one has chrysanthemums beaded all over it and if I recall correctly now belongs to a really beautiful tiny mermaid looking babe in NY…


The American Flag vest is the VERY first purchase for Fauve and Hunter, found in Yuma AZ by Brandon. The start of the adventure! 



Fauve= Wild Creatures

The first shoot in Los Angeles with Alexandra Montague in my incarnation of THE free spirited wild woman.

tumblr_mnizkqwNR31qbrd03o1_1280 tumblr_mrgi3y1NC91qcm4nqo1_1280

Emma Hefti as our Roller Dream Babe in Austin TX for our 1st themed collection, which was.. Im sure you can guess.




Gloria Dyer in the Constance Dress at AX+APPLE studio


Fauve&Hunter’s first lifestyle shoot with Gloria, boots, dresses and literature. 



Gloria in the beautiful Ax+Apple Studio wearing Fauve&Hunter


The amazing mosaic fur coat making this winter look perfect..


Alexis and Chicken for Ax+Apple Holiday



The amazing Sarah Winters in our Stella velvet dress



Sina at the Santa Monica Library by M. Bokorwski



Dora Burge in the 40’s emerald velvet gown. 


Looking over all of this makes me feel… really proud, and hungry to do more, to collaborate more and create all the time. I can’t wait to do another one of these in a year and see what other adventures happen! I think of all the people in my life today since F&H started and I really consider myself blessed.