Where did it come from?

by The Lingernots



I’m frequently asked where I find the clothes that I sell, what their story is, and truthfully, every piece has its own story. When I first started, I used to handwrite the location where the piece was found on every tag but as the trips got longer and the buys got bigger, it got a little difficult to do, but sometimes one or two stick out, so I thought I’d put some of them out here.. 

I also get asked if it’s hard to sell them, and sometimes YES because I’m a huge sentimalist, but I also like to imagine that the person who is getting this dress or coat is going to be really happy and love it more. I think I like to make people happy more than I like hoarding a million beautiful things that I don’t wear…

I do have a fantasy of just having a beautiful showroom where I rent out the vintage and it comes back to me every week. We’ll see about that.

I found this dress on a road trip through West Texas with my best friend Charlotte. We drove through an epic storm through Balmorhea (I’m sorry but the name really sounds like an STD) where we had a slumber party in a tiny motel, watching the most embarrassing reality TV (y’all remember Bravo’s Gigolos? we thought it was a dating show until some weirdness started happening on screen) and then spent the rest of the trip reading in Marfa, hiking through the state park, stargazing in Marathon n the motel where they shot Paris, Texas… The weather changed non stop and I found icelandic knit sweaters and cute snoopy postcards, and the minute the storm stopped the sweaters became useless because it was 90 degrees again. In a cute little store in Alpine TX I found this gem of a 1930’s day dress. It’s so delicate, when the sun shines through it looks like a phantom. the salesgirl wrapped it up in tissue paper before dropping it in a bag and 2 years later I finally decided it’s time to say goodbye…


peachesdress1 In Venice beach I went to a sale and everything I found was purple.. Sometimes there are days like that… I found a purple caftan with egyptian gods printed on it and cool wooden buttons and high thigh slits… I found a purple mini dress with silver symbols silkscreened on it ( holding on to that one) and I found this little gem, its the perfect 70’s dream girl dress.. the bodice laces up so you can show just a little skin, the skirt swishes just right, it looks amazing with lace up boots and it looks sexy with platform shoes.. The faux patchwork print on it is really unusual too.. Definitely one of my favorite little dresses.

roseflapper1This one I found at an estate sale, the house was all shades of baby blue and the plants had a lot of dust on the leaves. I marveled over the owner’s Hollywood Regency furniture that I couldn’t take with me (the perils of being on foot) and I swooned over this giant silver mirror with mother of pearl inlays that would have set me back a cool $600 (in another life) so instead I took this little drop waist dress from the 70’s, I love the relaxed style of it, I love the rose color and I really really like how romantic it looks. It’s funny that it was there because nothing else was like that, everything was giant furs and chico’s suits. I like to think this dress was from her past and was waiting for me.


silkruffle2 I found this at a huge market in Austin and it was hanging all by itself on a rack full of western wear.. lot’s of cool suede chaps and fringe leather jackets and cowboy boots, and then this silk creation just swaying by itself. It’s really one of the prettier dresses I’ve ever found, it’s cut perfectly and makes anyone look really graceful. Currently it lives next to a lot of dresses, far away from the austin flea market scene. I always wonder who it belonged to.


And there you have it… a tiny history of some of the vintage in the store…