by The Lingernots

June 19th we FINALLY got to screen Circular Ruins, that mysterious fruit that formed of the blood sweat and one tear from a lost fingernail of Juan Azulay, Kate Arizmendi, and The Saint James Society…

Six days of shooting through the desert deathscape, Mojave motels with bug blankets and bone white rocks, future retro reno motels with pink lightbulbs where we shot in kimonos and 7 inch heels until the sun came up, exploring death valley dunes while being our own crew and stars, to dance in the ruins of Rhyolite in nevada where thunder cracked the sky. Corona, CA at a black walled strip club to San Diego to feel warm blood between my fingers and then eat pizza…

We had the magnificent fortune of getting Lydia Lunch to wrap up the story, giving us her voice to end the narration.

(trailer for the video)


We screened it at a gorgeous supper club across the street from canters, I looked around and everywhere I looked I saw faces that made me smile. Good friends, new friends, heroes, crushes, Susan Sarandon (?!?!?!?!) We drank champagne and toasted everyone and then when the time came we all reconvened to Canters to laugh around grilled cheeses and whiskey. Theres nothing like wearing a 1930’s satin gown and being with your beloved in a giant deli at 4am giggling while spying a cop being indecisive about what donut to buy. I’ve NEVER seen a cop eat a donut and it finally happened. We made it home and the next day ran off to Joshua Tree where we shut ourselves off from the world to find ourselves again. I think its safe to say we all found something to take back.

I can’t wait to show you all the film, there are so many of you who had a hand in making this happen. ❤