by The Lingernots

It’s almost summer! I had a birthday! I’m confused! I’m hungry, and at the same time, no I’m not! I want to go swimming! I have a sunburn on one side of my butt! My rollerskating rink stick on tattoo on my butt is also half gone, too.

It’s been a whole, complete year living in Los Angeles. Things I’m in love with:

The myriad of accents that float around the sidewalks in a city where everyone is a transplant.

The lush flowers that leave pink, white, purple, blueish, orange petal debris all over the sidewalk. Ive seen cars parked for a few days that get covered. A flower snowstorm.

Barely dressed bodies float by. It’s hard to concentrate when theres ribs and butts and thighs and jawlines to look at from behind sunglasses…

Art deco buildings. Spanish buildings. Craftsman buildings. Bungalows. Beach castles. Canyon Chateaus. Dream houses.

Things I’m not in love with:

My neighborhood has a million dogs that live to bark at every falling leaf.

My cat decides that everyone gets up at 7 am.

People drive like it’s a riot.

On an another note, here are so photos I shot of Pearl Charles, check out her amazing band!


IMG_4521IMG_4472 IMG_4511





All the clothes are from Fauve&Hunter (except the fringe jacket which will never leave my possession) and also, we’re doing appointments in our cute little mini showroom/ store! If you want to come in to shop in person, shoot me an email! Theres so much that’s NOT on the online store!

Circular Ruins is being screened for the first time on June 19th in Los Angeles. I’m excited to see it in it’s entirety for the first time. What a journey. As that adventure finally wraps up, I am writing my first film. A silent film, but not without things to say. More on that soon!

Keep in touch ❤