Daze here

by The Lingernots


We set up at Desert Daze this year to sling vintage and watch some of our favorite bands, and also roll around the dust with our friends! I absolutely love setting up shop at festivals and we’ve had the fortune of doing SXSW before this one. I’d really love to travel to more and take this show on the road.. We’ve been meeting so many amazing people and I just.. want more of that! I love these photos that Brandon shot there.


Levi loves the sun shine


Lil Elina, whom I’m going to miss when she goes back to SLC.


Harrison taking a break in my princess tent..

The day after I went up to Solvang to work on a movie with my friend Alex.. 2 weeks of hijinks, we fed ostriches, I saw Willy Wonka for the first time (I know) and the purest night skies I’ve ever seen. I never realized how beautiful that whole area was and I think I ate enough pastries to last me a lifetime..

In the meantime Circular Ruins (the TSJS film) is finally complete, and will be screening on June 19th in Los Angeles!




Sneak peek at new pieces that are hitting the shop soon! I love this gauzy gray jumpsuit, it makes you look like a grecian statue..