A guide to sxsw

by The Lingernots

Just a couple more days to get ready for SXSW! It’s funny how every year that I attend, it’s doing something different. It’s a hectic week in Austin, mostly really fun, sometimes overwhelming and inevitably sludgy in terms of traffic. I’m almost ready for it all, but I need plenty of inspiration to stay focused, otherwise I’m just going to stress out and then I’ll forget everything.



The WEATHER at sxsw is always funny, usually it’s warm, or scorching hot with a crazy temperature drop and icy winds to catch you off guard, to bring fur coats or not? I think I’ll leave them behind…


No really though… what are we all going to bring?






Absolutely in love with this Lindsey Windlam embroidery, which reminds me of a treasure one would find at Uncommon Objects on South Congress..





I’ve packed SO many beautiful gauzy floaty white dresses, they’re perfect for enchanting from the crowd at all the shows you’ll catch.. Don’t spill your bloody marys on them though..

tumblr_mys5hfRTyl1qj6oujo1_500If you do.. make sure you’re wearing something amazing under it all.. you never know what kind of trouble you’ll get into..

tumblr_luyzr2jWrL1qg4g7to1_500Make sure you’re partying with people you love, because theres nothing I hate more than drama at festivals! who wants to fight and pout while you’re supposed to have fun?

tumblr_mnmjjaqZPu1s5uquqo1_500Make sure you’ve arranged a fabulous place to camp out because it does get draining after a while. The St. Cecilia is totally booked but you never know what could happen!

tumblr_mv5771njAX1qh78jlo1_500 Just don’t pass out in the street, Austin is cool and cute but weird things still happen. Someone might step on your dress..or something.



Just have fun! Don’t forget your sunscreen and lipstick.

paoloreversi1999Keep your eyes open and sprinkle little glitter stars..


And have a blast.

Don’t forget to visit the shop Fauve&Hunter, I’ll be with the ethereal and amazing Dust&Drag at the PsychFest showcase! (more info on that soon)