Daze in Vegas

by The Lingernots



I went to Vegas with my girls Jamie and Erica.. three girls packed into a little silver car with a Yoda ornament bopping along to the speed bumps and turns, all the way to our black glass pyramid hotel (The Luxor, which I only recommend for it’s pyramid soap and if you need to be close to Magic or whatever trade show is going on at Mandalay Bay) The Luxor has some crazy ghosts which our room service man regaled us with scary tales before leaving us completely bewildered.

tumblr_n1b0nyPVCW1qkc3vdo1_500photo via Jamie Dorfman

Ax+Apple was showing at ENK Vegas which is one of the more specific shows under the Magic Convention. I always LOVE going to the shows because its the circus, everyone is there, working really hard, you get to see what designers and creators have been dreaming up for the past 5 months and you get to see what’s in store for the next season! It’s like peeking into a visual future.. You get to meet designers, jewelry makers, photographers, investors, musicians.. You inevitable get too tipsy too early and fall into pastry delirium the way we did at The Wicked Spoon on day 2.

tumblr_mkqp19HOLK1s9y0ito1_1280We’ll just eat cake.

We saw Ice Cube play a show at the Hudson Jean’s party where pink champagne and bowls of strawberries were over flowing and we watched apocalyptic sunrises every morning in our window. I got lost every day and added an extra mile of walking around trying to find an exit to the casino (it’s a trap). Met some beautiful LA designers who I think have one of my favorite new labels, Harlyn.

harlyn2 harlyn1Harlyn Label ss2014

It’s got everything I long for from vintage fashion, but in updated fabrics and cuts, all silks and soft soft cotton. The trousers are a dream and the next collection is definitely going to be a huge deal.

Otherwise.. Vegas was Vegas in all it’s weird, chilling reality. We drove home and I felt relief when we drove into our dusky purple sky city.

Now I’m gathering up the pieces to bring to SXSW! I’m beyond excited to be in Texas, to be selling with my soul sister Stephanie and see some bands and meet some of my amazing customers!

Are you going to be at SXSW? Keep in touch!!