Had a spirited visit from a glittering soul…

by The Lingernots


Attached to our little home is a little white plastered walled with beautiful dark wood framing, large windows and concrete floors. It sits under our living room and has big wooden stairs that lead to the most ridiculously huge trapdoor, we don’t use the trap because it has beams to hold the trap and needs some work, but it’s amazing to have a whole room to ourselves to work in, throw fabric around, set up lights, throw confetti, take photos, paint tables, and leave everything out as we please without bumping into it when you go to the kitchen.

It’s been a revelation to have a place to work in that’s not QUITE your house, where the energy is different, where you don’t waste precious time fidgeting around the house, procrastinating on the myriad of tiny tasks that demand your time. The best is being able to spend time experimenting and taking photos and now I’ll get to the point.

My friend Dora came by after a long sejour in New Orleans. We rarely see each other, which is a drag because she is dreamy and a joy to be around, and is the kind of person that you could go for a walk with and then end up having a weeklong adventure without stopping to ask what’s going on. I shot these photos of Dora in the little studio under the living room, where we drank rye whiskey with Brandon and ate the whiskey gorged berries at the end of our cocktails.

doracolor1 doracolor2




We followed the adventure by noodles at Pho Cafe, talked of love, dream projects, glam rock romance and novels, got lost on the road back

to my house and then she was off to New Orleans once more.