A quiet holiday

by The Lingernots






We took a brief escape to Las Vegas during the christmas holiday..a crisscrossing mess of twinkling lights and loud noises, ironically quiet during christmas.


We spent the first night curled up by the fireplace at The Griffin drinking whiskey and exchanging silly gifts with all our other California runaways (it seemed we all had the same idea) and then roaming eery casinos ( I THINK THEY ARE EERY) watching small fortunes disappear in mechanical toys, grannies sipping cocktails with poison red cherries staining the whipped cream that makes their fingers sticky.. smoking cigarette after cigarette and concentrating on trading quarters for dollars..

IMG_0122Letting the sunlight pour in through the blinds so the ghostly orchid can sunbathe a little..

IMG_0114I did the same thing too.

IMG_0130Countless cups of black coffees in the hidden lush patio of our hotel.

We did get to explore the town a little bit, visiting art galleries and coffee shops and record stores.. I found some amazing clothes at Electric Lemonade (which Brandon noticed carries Ax+Apple, yay!) and we finally made it home after hours of crazy traffic..

How was everyone’s Christmas?

Also, I’m giving away my favorite dress from Fauve&Hunter!

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I will let the winner know December 31st! Anyone can win! Boys and Girls! xoxo