It doesn’t have to be an act.

by The Lingernots

Watching the rain fall from the kitchen window, pointing my toes at the little white Welbilt oven that we use to keep the house toasty, and it’s early-ish this saturday morning, I feel like the only one that’s awake (I know I’m not, but from up here it just looks so quiet and sleepy). All the houses look like little tree forts with voluminous curtains and twinkling christmas lights.

I’ve been busy. Busy working, busy learning. Busy falling in love with life again (you know, sometimes we forget how rad everything is and we spend too much time kicking rocks and sniffling because of really dumb things) and especially busy making my life the one that I dream of living. I think that’s an important thing to think about while contemplating change; Do what you need to make your life inspirational to you.

I think it’s too easy to watch the world go by from behind a window or a screen. To intimidate yourself from accomplishments because you might fear mistakes. To venerate people and lifestyles that seem effortlessly perfect and almost, unfairly just given to someone else. The thing is, few people showcase their mistakes.

When you see photos of someone’s picture perfect life with their always smiling baby, gorgeous floor-length all lace dresses and pink sunsets and cabbage roses, it’s not a LIE, but be assured that there’s days that are also wretched and stressful and snotty, but no ones going to proudly capture that moment and show it to the world. Why would you want to? Do people need a reminder that life can be difficult for everyone, that every single person out there in incredibly vulnerable, whether or not they show you that?


photo unknown

Appreciate beauty in the world around you, appreciate beauty in the world you observe, but most of all appreciate beauty in your everyday, and if you feel like you don’t have enough, MAKE it.