by The Lingernots

Went to Idyllwild for the weekend with my friend Dasha, who had a Geodesic Dome Cabin for her birthday weekend!

It’s a cute tiny town about 2 hours from Los Angeles, lots of art and forrest magic.


This was our view from every window and porch.. we spent the weekend making fires and listening to Cat Stevens.. reading books, sketching and watching meteors..

_MG_5840 _MG_5853

Dasha in the sunshine



I caught a few snapshots of the new house too..


Recently scored a box of old playboys (1971 to 1978) for $30.00 and I’m really pleased about it.


Kitchen details

_MG_5950Thriftshop glassware

_MG_5911My curl-up spot

_MG_5941A buddha peeking through the basil and begonias

After a weekend in front of the fireplace, all I want is a fire of my own.. but until then, this little place is perfect!

We’ll be going to Austin TX in a few weeks to hug some friends and collect our belongings, hope to see you all there ❤