flowers for my loves

by The Lingernots

I love where I live.. The sun pours in softly from hazy chiffon curtains, you can hear birds chirp more than you hear cars, flowers bloom every morning and cats twitch their tails from the gates of little bungalow complexes.. It’s beautiful and sweet and then when the sun sets and the coyotes come out..

There’s missing pet signs stapled to every lamp post of the neighborhood, like in horror movies when some psycho is stealing animals, at night you hear these horrible sounds of animals fighting for their lives, cats and dogs being dragged around. It’s natural, after all, cats do hunt too, but it hurts so much when you find your own beloved bleeding on the sidewalk.

The other night while I was in the bath I heard a blood chilling sound that made my skin go cold even in the steaming water and I ran out in the street to see what was going on. I wasn’t even sure if it was one of my pets or a neighbor’s, but I knew something was getting hurt.


My little tabby Bogey was being mauled by two coyotes and his mama Lemmy (the black cat) was running terrified.. I chased the coyotes away and brought my baby home but he died soon after.. Lemmy hasn’t come home, but we think she’s alive and just disoriented on where her home is…

I miss them so much, it’s strange to think how much these tiny creatures have such huge souls and personalities. They are family.


This little guy is heartbroken, but getting through it too. The other day he spent the whole day under the covers, meowing, refusing to come out. Today he’s better and a little bit more together but he spends a lot of time crying and looking for his family.

All I can say is take care of your loved ones and treasure them all the time.