Frisco Disco

by The Lingernots

We drove to San Francisco last week. That, is one of the reasons that was so appealing about moving out of Texas. Driving places that aren’t Texas, in a mere handful of hours. We, Brandon drove, I mumbled to my favorite twenty songs on my playlists and watched the blue sky turn faithfully grey the second we hit San Francisco.

The mist, the wind that doesn’t whip you but wraps around you (still impossible to get by without a hat) rolling hills, the history.. San Francisco always gets me a little quietly. I look for nooks and corners, I go for long walks and Brandon and I finish whole bottles of wine at Terroir.

It was definitely a musical weekend, we saw our friends play at The Monarch the day before TSJS played

CFG4Jordan and Stella of Cash for Gold

CFG1Cash for Gold

CFG9Two-Headed George


The next day, TSJS played at Slim’s SF, opening for Orchid. We showed up early, it was a magical scene with amps buzzing, long haired musicians sipping drinks waiting for their turn to soundcheck, catching up on lost time, sipping drinks from amber colored bottles.. The show was insane and we had quite a party with our SF family.

lindseyLindsey Voorhees

florie2Florie Maschmeyer of Vela Eyes making our shirts look amazing



And then… we bid farewell, hid in the hills of marin county for a day eating vietnamese food and movies flickering on the wall via projections, before driving back to Los Angeles at dawn.. Now it’s time to prep for AUSTIN!