by The Lingernots

There’s something magic about the world that comes with creation. The slightest idea can culminate into endless possibility and set forward this wave of motion, projects, and more creation. That’s one of the main reason that I love clothing. (I don’t love fashion, necessarily, I don’t believe in things being in or out of style, You are either still infatuated or you’re not. I don’t like trends, the adoption of one color instead of another just because five magazines have deemed that color in is, amusing and also terrifying. )

I do, however, love clothing, I love costuming, I love the dramatic lines and cuts that designate a generation. The frenzy of activity that comes with the industry of clothing, is also a huge reason I’m kind of crazy about it. I can’t sit still too long and this is one industry where there is ALWAYS something to do, whether it is nurturing an idea into a true concept, holding a paintbrush or stringing beads to compliment a piece. I love the idea that you can take a piece and create a story, a performance where everyone has it’s part, which is essentially what every photo shoot is, a mini photo story. So, with that being said, is the point of this post.

 Last week I rode along with Jamie and Gloria of Ax+Apple to shoot some behind-the-scenes photos of a shoot they were doing in Topanga Canyon with Hattie Watson. It couldn’t have been a better day, surrounded by beautiful ladies, talented artists and the breathtaking scenery of Topanga.

_MG_3468She was painted black from head (well, jawline…) to toe, and then her face was wrapped in dark silks. Instantly she went from petite red head to this strange night creature. She was positively statuesque. That’s another reason why the creative side of fashion is so important to me; The ENDLESS possibilities for transformation and exploration. You can become anything you could ever imagine, with the help of a few pins and needles and strokes of a paintbrush. You can become a sly, androgynous waif in floating slacks and wide brimmed hats when you normally feel like a mouse. You can take off your jeans and incarnate Anita Berber with a spit curl and inky eyes, a beaded sheath and bare feet.. If you let yourself, you can be anything.

handsoutJamie and Gloria draping Hattie in jewelry while Serena Sudol touches up her paint.



Hattie posing for Aaron Feaver in our little canyon sanctuary.

gloriabodychainGloria basking in the sunshine..


Dry desert flowers against Hattie..

A seriously wonderful afternoon.

All jewelry by Ax and Apple, Makeup by Serena Sudol, Photographed by Aaron Feaver except for all photos in this post.