label crush

by The Lingernots

I’m having a complete swooning crush on the 1970’s collection of labels by Arpeja, Young Edwardian, Young Victorian, and Young Innocent! The lines were crafted after Victorian style but totally embracing the romantic flowing vibe of California in the 70s. The clothes were mostly designed by Sue Wong, and modeled in private trunk shows by Ola Hudson (Slash’s mom and a TOTALLY rad designer in her own right) and the advertising design for it is still to this day some of my favorite in terms of illustrations.

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I love the simple clean lines of the characters.. They remind me of Peter Max illustrations (maybe they are? I can’t find much info) but less distracting than all his super colorful pieces.

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The news ad on the left is pretty much my life, I wish so much that Alexandria and I were the same shoe size! We’re ALWAYS
wearing each others clothes which is marvelous when you’re shopping and can split the cost on a pricey dress…


Much like Biba’s 70’s does 1930’s style, Y.E.’s renaissance-charleston vibe is just perfect. I just imagine cute girls with long hair and fake eyelashes smoking opium dusted cigarettes and getting ready to go to see their favorite musicians play at the Roxy or the whiskey.. Or going to the flea market to buy beads and feathered hats to wear with the long flowing gowns.


      Espadrilles and 30’s style summer dresses with floppy hats reminds me so much of
summers in Corsica where everyone wears white linen dresses and espadrille
platform shoes and smells like monoi tiare oil.. Also, anyone that knows me,knows I’m a huge fan of fancy pyjama sets especially with giant platforms!!

One last photo, for the textile print lovers, but this two piece set is just out of this world..ba11007fdf4cf1442f93a443ffdc1678

If I ever find this, I’ll never let it go! Anyway, for my birthday, I treated myself to a mint condition black mini dress by YE! I plan on wearing it to the Elysian Park and smelling roses and drinking all the sparkling rosé that I can handle.