knock three times

by The Lingernots




It seems like every time I get back to LA, I’m on my way out again for a new adventure! We had just gotten back from Psych-fest (which was the best, by the way) when we finished our laundry it was time to do the last minute prep for the video shoot, where we disappeared into the ruins of California to capture some velvet draped magic, which I can’t show you until july (Its KILLING me and I’m terrible with surprises, so this is HARD.)

So fast forward a few weeks, we’re home. Making giant forts in Disney hotels, visiting haunted mansions in San Diego that was built for legendary couturrière , Amy Strong who was known for her deep spiritualism and beautiful dresses..


There’s details from the entire world in every room of the house, carvings in the doorways, filigree from Ireland on windows, it’s really a special place, I’d love to explore it unsupervised. It’s truly insane, how much mystery California holds in its valleys and hills.

What are your most treasured secret spots?