are we there yet

by The Lingernots

I don’t know Arizona too well, I can tell you where to find beautiful dresses and a rad bloody mary in Tucson, I can even tell you where the friendliest record store in Tucson is and a street where all the houses have been converted into artsy cafe’s and you can eat beet and pear salads and watch the sunsets. My favorite thing about Arizona is the sunsets..


I mean, that sky is from another world.

_MG_2505 _MG_2516 _MG_2517

Snapped a few shots of The Saint James Society rehearsing before Psych Fest (Thanks Meganaut for lending us your homey space for the week!) It was a hazy week that turned into a wild weekend. I can’t think of a better time to be in Austin, or a better festival.

_MG_2623 _MG_2624 _MG_2627

This trip to Austin was special, we packed the limo with shredded paisley shirts and sheer dresses, had more boot straps than socks, Kate Arizmendi hopped along for the ride and captured some footage of the trip that are on her blog

tumblr_mm9k4wYOmB1qk2hs4o4_500 tumblr_mm9k4wYOmB1qk2hs4o3_500

There were also tires that blew up, pool tables scuffed, ripped hems, rain storms and muddy boots, too much rum, and 48 hours of driving in a week.

In other grand news, FAUVE AND HUNTER IS LAUNCHED (softly) but all clothes are available and more will be posted shortly!!