less than zero

by The Lingernots



Made it to LA in mostly one piece after a 28 hour drive with one stop in lovely Tucson.. We drank coffees at Cafe Passé under the leafy canopy of their back porch and I read the NY times and failed the crosswords until we could muster the energy to walk back to the car and do the last 8 hour stretch of road before entering the city and a new chapter in life… We hit the CA border, our tire blew up (not a huge deal) and then we sat in traffic and felt the warm LA night wash over us… Parked in Silverlake and met up with Juan Azulay who is directing this amazing project with The Saint James Society (check out our kickstarter! We only have a week left!!) and eventually, warm with whiskey and warped with road haze we went back to Priss (the car) and went to our temp home at Eva’s place//



House hunting in LA is not really easy, everywhere you go are ten other people holding carefully filled out hopeful applications and I find myself transforming into a nearly Patrick Bateman-ish character thinking one thing, the opposite words trailing out of my lips, I make more phone calls in an hour than I’ve made in the year (except a few months ago when Brandon and I wanted 2 am pizza in ATX and no one would deliver) and I’ve can safely say I can decipher a house listing with one glance, (everyone knows “cozy” means minuscule, “junior” means closet sized, “personality” means everything is broken) and the amount of agents that pick up the phone only after your 15th call is bewildering..

There’s amazing places too, little dream bungalows on the tops of hills almost sinking into wild flowers with perfect views of the poison hued purple sunsets and dancing palm trees, old spanish houses in Hollywood with little stone steps and street names like monroe and lucretia.. There’s art studios with saw dusted floors and mountains of books and smiling people creating and building, theres beautiful girls and boys running around in this labyrinth city trying to carve out their own piece of forever..

I can’t wait to have a place to live. I have a parking ticket to pay (took a week but we finally got one) and a business to finally launch and friends to host…

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