by The Lingernots

Summer Lawson (TheBlackSwan Theory) and I wanted to do one last shoot in Austin before she moves to Vegas with her beau, and so yesterday was the day! I got to meet the wondrous Shaina Hedlung, whose photos I’ve had a crush on since Summer showed me and the three of us braved a really trickster wind that was hellbent on tearing it all down. Summer’s cat still won’t pose for pictures.

All these pictures are from our instagrams!


I FINALLY got to wear this grey wig I picked up the day I gave up trying to coax my own hair into this color.


Shaina made this crown and I’m completely obsessed with it.


Summer brought out these amazing Victorian pieces, including this dress that was so intricately beautiful. If EVER you are in search of delicate perfection, check out her shop, or write to her. She has an amazing selection of dresses, blouses, bodices.. They are so antique and fragile, but theres something so appealing about the transformation of a dress on your body, also.. Fragile clothing can remind us to be a little more thoughtful in our movement..sometimes.


We left Summer to pack her house up and were looking for a place to get a cold drink.. The drive thru line was ridiculous so we walk into the Sonic and wandered aimlessly in the tiny diner looking for a counter to order from when we notice that the booths have these phones…


So we ordered our root-beers and limeades from their crazy phones WHILE LOOKING AT THE GUY TAKING OUR ORDER, constantly repeating the order because the phones don’t work so well. AMAZING. I want one of those that connects me to a direct line to Pho.

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