mafu, again.

by The Lingernots



This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about this film, but I feel as if I wanted a refresher because the costumes are so gorgeous and wild in this.

IMG_9829Carol Kane is such a beauty. She’s not even of this earth, with those giant moon eyes and cloud hair..

IMG_9828With her feathered hammock and piles of unruly curls..

IMG_9830No big… I just killed someone, but a bath always makes it better.. So does that wallpaper.


Fur and beaded head-dresses to run around in the garden at midnight. This is kind of like a safari grey gardens.

_MG_9857 Pre dinner party dance party in the living room.

_MG_9873Yes, that’s her pet monkey eating a rosary in the background.

_MG_9891As if you haven’t passed a lazy morning smelling the shirt of the one you love… also… ankle bracelets and scarves….


I’m not going to say what’s going on here, but you can rent this super under rated masterpiece and I hope when you do, you pick up some Fela Kuti and Grace Jones and throw yourself a dance party. I love this film and I love the styling in it.