paint my picture

by The Lingernots

_MG_0982I was thinking about portraits the other day, of laborious, dramatic paintings depicting the person’s outer glory and their inner character at the same time.. How at a certain time, it was a custom to sit for a portrait by an artist and have an image created to hang on the wall of a home, the painting and home would be passed down, the halls filled with more and more faces as the time passes… Doctors, writers, dancers, home makers, fathers, daughters.. Sometimes the portrait would be a little surreal, an image of the sitter, magnified to a more fantastic version.. The prettiest gown, the brightest jewels.. Today we have photoshoots and stylists, makeup artists and endless blogs showing us the pretty and magic.. But everyone, at some point, should govern their own portrait. Take the time to decide on the image you would pick to hang on a gilded portrait, take no care of sardonic friends that might tease you, just go for it. If you could illustrate yourself as any creature, what would you do?

I decided to a sort of baroque gypsy fort princess. I wanted a setting that would sort of create a tableau that might even look like an old painting, hanging draping silks, vintage tapestries, opulence.. I wanted it to hold all the elements I love, little hideaways, furs, velvet, drama, and blanket forts (okay, really fancy blanket forts, but ever since my dad made me a fort in my room at the age of 4, I’ve been a fort enthusiast)




It doesn’t have to take a lot to make your surroundings the way you imagine them, with some fabric and curtains you can make miracles, and curtains are still one of those things you can find at thrift stores for pennies. (that white one in the background was $3.00 at a thriftstore!) So do it! Have your day, have friends over, get all dressed up like the courtesan or baron that you are and take your picture, or hell, paint it..