I’ve got it all right here in this little bag…

by The Lingernots

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.” -Kerouac
Festival season is almost here. She’s in the closet right now, looking for that lost thigh high sock and that dress that makes her float… She’s primping while the winter season melts away, leaving the roads washed from the rains and snows.. She’s looking at photos of vans to take on road-trip to be everywhere and not miss the party, and also she’s day dreaming of rolling in the grass, swimming in ponds and kissing the bassist..
I know one thing, if she was a tangible touchable person, one thing that would definitely be hers is the Festival Stash Pouch by Sugarhigh+Lovestoned and Samudra. A collaboration between the Oahu line Samudra and the state-line crossed lovelies of Sugarhigh (mauii and Los Angeles). They put together some of the gorgeous shots from their trip to Joshua Tree and images from their winter line (which is super dreamy, and you can still get it) on Samudra’s lined canvas pouches and the result is fantastic.
So beautiful, so perfect. You can put everything you could possibly need in it..
They aren’t out just yet, (it’s STILL winter) but you’ll be able to order them super soon, and if you have a shop, you can contact Sugarhigh+Lovestoned and order from them!
styling by Tami Snodgrass of Sugarhigh+Lovestoned www.sugarhighlovestoned.com
Assisted by Pi’ikea Karlen
modeled by Jazmin Repollo