Muffy Middleton smokes six cigarettes about her husband.

by The Lingernots

A little while back, my friend Clare came to my house to indulge me on a theatrical photo project of some sort… We drank muddled blackberries with mint and honey on ice cold vodka, we smoked rough tasting cigarettes, filling up my pewter ashtray and leaving a hazy ghostly ambiance in the living room.


I had been thinking about personalities, about characters so distinct they ought to have their own marquees on a busy avenue, personalities that sparkle, personalities that are sometimes ignored for the sake of practicality. I absolutely believe we are more than one mood, we are always of changing mind, of contradictions, our judgements fly out the window when certain elements are offered, I believe in us are Casanovas, magicians, killers and poets, ruling different parts of us, all in sometimes un-harmonious synchronicity ..


I used to work with Clare and always admired her grace and charm and tinges of neurosis, she is always meticulously put together, well spoken and sometimes I imagined that she was some east coast princess of the 50s or 60s, a Salinger sort of girl who wore pearls and danced with saxophonists. We would laugh about this and keep working in the boutique, but, finally came the day where we decided to give that character a name and take her photo.







I look forward to exploring these aspects of our personalities that we try to leave out of our existence, the people we are in dreams, the heroes and rat bastards that emerge in crisis. Who lives in your soul? If you imagine yourself as a character from a book, what is that person like? What do they do? How do they dress?

PS. Happy New Year

Modeled and performed by Clare Vaughan

All clothes by Fauve & Hunter