Less is More…for painting

by The Lingernots





I’ve been trying my hardest to get back into painting regularly, and one of my favorite things to do while working is to keep track of the process…

Red wine is better than white to paint. more relaxing. I like to map out the image with a watercolor pencil and then go over it with a wet brush…

and then go at it for a mind bending 4 or 5 hours at a time..

A long time ago I stopped using colors to paint and wanted to see how far I can get with just a tube of white and black paint..

This is totally one of the bigger paintings I’ve ever tried (I used to make teeeeny tiny drawings and then my painting teacher had a tough battle teaching me to get wilder with sizing) but its ALMOST DONE

I like to model paintings after vintage film posters, Italian horror films, Avedon portraits and beautiful women.