Une Robe.

by The Lingernots



I believe every person needs one incredible article of clothing. A dress, maybe an exquisite coat, maybe they are tailored trousers or stitched boots that make you feel like you can walk forever. It doesn’t matter the origin, it’s age, most of all, the price isn’t what makes it exquisite, but how you feel when you wear it.. Sometimes a piece of fabric can make you feel like the you that you strive to be.

I love Art Deco. I will turn old bookstores upside down to find a vintage copy of Harper’s Bazaar just for Erte’s illustrations. I am in love with the notion of opulent simplicity. (It sounds backwards, when written out like that, but when you look at the luxurious details set upon the streamline and narrow base of Art Deco fashion, it’s the only way to describe it) It’s a standard I look for in clothing I buy. A piece with a little bit of soul in it that might shine brightly when given the chance.

I found this dress in San Francisco, this winter. The Saint James Society were on tour and it was our last few hours before leaving California. I dragged this dress wrapped up in brown wrapping paper in a van with 5 other people for 5 weeks before getting home and making it the dress it could become.

It’s the kind of garment that I hope will end up wrapped in some silk paper, in someone else’s arms soon, and they might wear it once or they might wear it a hundred times, but that when they do, they’ll feel a little of that mossy green, beaded magic thats stitched in those art deco seams.