falling leaves

by The Lingernots

A photograph from 2 years ago, in Arizona (where else can you see a sky like that?)

The year 2012 is wrapping up in this way I can feel so acutely, its like watching pages fold themselves up in neat little letters to put in appropriate envelopes, each with their own destination.. I find myself clearing up clutter that I drag around me in boxes, from house to house.. mostly unsorted mementos from previous times that MIGHT be important.. but no more.

I don’t want to say that I’m compartmentalizing everything, because I’ve always been.. coloring outside the lines, but I can feel this shift into going about things in a more straight forward manner that actually might save me a lot of headache.. eventually.

Anyway, while clearing my laptop, these images made me smile. enjoy ❤

A painting by Deidre But-Husaim

*thanks Dasha, painting by Anita Kunz

I really need to put more time into painting, because it makes me happy and I don’t do enough of it.

Wildfox… not really a brand that I would wear (because I don’t really wear Tshirts…) however I love the designer’s way of seeing things, their art and their photography is great, and they have this rose-glass way of presenting the world that makes me swoon. Their lookbooks are super dreamy too.


Time flies when you’re in love.