It’s not a desert if it rains..

by The Lingernots


Charlotte and I drove off to West Texas for a few days, to get away from the slow end of summer, in Austin.. We stopped in Balmorhea, got stopped by the police.. pulled up to the little lakeside town to our Motel and after a walk in the rain that felt like we were in Astoria, OR, four little boys in a dune-buggy roared by and yelled “HIIIIII WE LOOOOVE YOOOUUUUUU!!!!” We curled up in our motel and watched some really enriching crap on tv, jumped on the bed, did some crazy dancing and fell asleep to the rain on the windows..





This is a place that makes me breathe deep, full breaths and notice every little thing… We walked around the main street and then walked behind every building and all the houses.. I picked up a book by Cory Lovell ( that I’m obsessed with. We got bloody marys at Padres and read in the patio all afternoon, took a nap in our little home-for-the-night at El Cosmico, before going to Planet Marfa and obliterating the guys in the tent next to us at a  ping pong game.. There was a beautiful band with a dark cherry skinned beauty singing songs with a desert boy and Banditos drinking beers under the moonlight..

We ate midnight snacks by the little lanterns by our tent and fell asleep under thick wool army blankets and white sheets that smelled of cotton flowers and the air smelled like rain.. we woke up to rainfall and listened to it fall on the heavy canvas canopy.. Went to Frama coffee and ate fig newtons (roadtrip diet: fig newtons and coffee) and planned out the rest of the day…


Just a little while away from Marfa is a little main-street town where all the buildings are so beautiful and painted with hares and snakes, the sidewalk has these carvings into it and its also, where part of Paris, TX was filmed, so we HAD to stay in the MARATHON MOTEL which is the same motel as the movie…

The next day we went to the Big Bend national park.. felt minuscule while looking at these insane canyons and long deserts and squealed at every wild hare and deer and I turned green every time we saw a spider..

 Denim shirt scored at La Junta Vintage in Alpine TX


The rain had left the desert into a dance floor for monarch butterflies.. I feel sad about how many of them flew right into our windshield..

I have a dress that matches him perfectly..

We drove back home and listened to the radio the whole way, switching from fuzzy blues, crazed mexican love songs (spawning the game of calling out “CORAZON” at the same time as the singer does, to pass the time) Eery sermons on the church stations and whatever NPR was softly speaking about at the time.

I love road trips..

If you’re traveling through Marfa, make sure to visit

Frama Coffee (

The Marfa Book Company (

Planet Marfa (

 El Cosmico (

Padres (

In Marathon

Marathon Motel (

 get real coffee at the White buffalo saloon at the gage hotel (

The Snakebite saloon,Shelley’s burnt biscuit,The French Grocer