Dresses of ivory and cream

by The Lingernots

All photos by Brandon Lloyd Burkart and Elza Burkart

Its already reached 100 degrees here in Austin. The only thing left to do is to make crowns and shoot photos with your love, take midnight strolls, eat gazpacho and watch old  movies on the pink and gold sofa. We bought this ridiculous pink backdrop to shoot photos in the house and have been shooting all the clothing collected over the past year, and these are a few of the pieces.. (Can you tell that I adore white dresses and anything beaded?) The long dress is an art deco sheer piece of dreamy gauze with beaded chrysanthemums all over it.. It weighs a bit but somehow, when you put it on, you feel transformed and the weight of all those beads seems to disappear… The second one is a little cream beaded sweater dress that I found in San Diego while we were on tour. I always imagined Edie Sedgwick wearing it to go ice skating..

Also, Brandon and I are leaving Austin in about 2 months. We would love to fill those last few moments with collaborations and magic. If you have any ideas, let either one of us know! xoxo