by The Lingernots

It has definitely been, a long time.

Not for a lack of happenings, but with the arrival of spring time (yay!) came the air of change, so, with that came dealing.

I’m finding a certain dis-interest in the internet. It’s a marvelous tool, it’s also completely saturated. I’ve found myself spending way more time blankly scrolling through countless updates, status changes, photos of stuff, inspirational quotes, photos of aspirations, to the point where all this information was not getting any response from me.

The more I saw, the less I cared. I realized that it had been too long since I’ve gotten transported by a great novel, yet I seem to always find time to know if someone I’ve never met hates their room-mates. There are still those presences on there of course that DO move me, blogs and sites that are great, but I realize that among the few people documenting a life worth living, are many that are locked in a bedroom looking at a life they want, re-blogging, re-posting, what have you, yet never contributing. Why is that?

So, I made a promise, to myself, to spend more time writing, to take more photos, to LEARN from the things that inspire me, to attempt to create from the ideas given so generously by those others who live publicly. To make a better effort to communicate with my friends, my family, and also those that feel like friends but maybe our paths haven’t crossed outside the virtual world. To reserve some of my personal time to things that don’t glow from a screen.. I took Facebook off my phone, always keep a book I haven’t finished in my purse, I try to get at least half the crossword puzzle in the Statesman before work… It feels good.

Also, I went blonde.

Otherwise, more cameras are coming back from the Vie Interieur series, a shoot with Dog&Pony, another with Ax+Apple and soon Fauve and Hunter will (finally, or I might die) will be launched.

Love and kisses ❤