La Vie Interieure.

by The Lingernots

Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music-

The world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.

-Henry Miller

Once, when a very little girl, I was with my mother in a “poissonnier” (a seafood market) with my face glued to the large aquariums housing intimidating lobsters and surly looking crabs. I twirled around in my skirt trying to make it spin in a perfect circle and caught my reflection in the fish eye circular mirror attached to the corner of the ceiling and thought about how I could see the whole room in that little circle, and seconds later realized, that everyone in the room was seeing the world around them through their own little circular mirror… I had always felt like I was narrating my little world through the thoughts in my head, and this was the first time I realized that everyone else had thoughts and vision too. This epiphany started a quick obsession with trying to figure out what the lobsters may be day dreaming about.

I love stories that are told through details. After all, no one interprets a film, song or painting in the same way, our lives have shaped us into feeling things in slightly different ways, and that is beautiful. One of my favorite films is Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola) simply because the real film happens in the hushed whispers in the castle’s hallways and the colors of the swishing costumes… I am forever fascinated by the mystery that is the world through other people’s eyes.

I decided to satisfy my curiosity and collect the little details that others see, by picking a few people that I love, find fascinating, talented, or mysterious, and ask them to capture their private world for me, for two weeks. But how? Today with instagram and countless other instant ways to remind the world that we think and see and want and do, its (too) easy to see the way others see.. with digital photography, there is not the urgency in composition. You can fix it all, the colors, the shadows, the body, the focus. With film, you have a limited chance to catch it. It is a TRUE moment, frozen in time, and with 27 exposures in a roll, you are forced to pick moments that stand out. I decided to send out a disposable camera (remember those?) to each person with one simple request: Photograph the world that surrounds you.

The cameras started coming back and I got them developed, these are a few of the images that were collected.


Jerome Romain

French painter, skater, devourer of literature.


Charlotte Garring

Once a figure skater, today, an amazing artist, pianist and doctor.

I’m really excited about this ongoing collaboration, which will be published every couple of weeks!

All my love,