Long Day

by The Lingernots

Yesterday the sun wasn’t quite shining yet when I sleepily sipped a Chai and waited for a ride to the set of Allen Otto’s short, Necrophallic Love… We drove out to a lush woodsy river bend where the team had built a spectacular magic dream camp!!

I love how the sun is shining through the beautiful green leaves.. it just bathes everything in this warm verdant light.. everything glows!

I’ve been a little obsessed with doilies and crochet for the past few months, so when the mirrors that the set decorator had created where covered I freaked out a little… they look like spiderwebs made from a grandmother’s fingertips.. I was so glad to spend a little time with Hanna, she makes the wildest nail art ever, and for the shoot, I got to wear her insane leather fake nails!


Cute overload.


Star Lee, of Dog and Pony (http://dogandpony.tumblr.com/) , creating magic from her hands.. she was in charge of wardrobe and created a magic wedding dress and crown. She is a truly special woman, I keep finding myself stunned at her gracefulness.

Wedding prep…


After a long, buggy, muddy, silly day we were ready to go.. I think I took the longest shower ever (turned the water pink because of the dried fake blood) and curled up on the pink sea shell settee to a tea cup bowl of wild mushroom bisque and chocolate almonds to watch To Catch a Thief.. In all, perfect end to a beautiful day.