hoodlum lovers and little treasures

by The Lingernots

 Brandon got jumped coming home one night during SXSW, and we’ve had to document the daily transformation of his shiner… This little black and white fella (his name is Pipoo) has been extra cuddly during the whole thing, but most of all, I love how it looks like he and Brandon are hoodlum brothers in this side by side photo. The only thing Pipoo knows how to fight is an empty food bowl though. He is definitely a lover and not a fighter.

 Jamie and I went on a little inspiration mission this weekend, we picked up some plants for our respective spaces, I really fell in love with this little rosy succulent, and a tiny little cactus that looks like an alien, who now lives in a wine glass…

 We also wandered to San Antonio for the Bussey Flea Market where I found my version of paradise in a booth that had a million bolo ties!! I love bolo ties, they’re so manly, but look amazing with anything, especially dresses…

 Also, how beautiful is Spanish Moss’ new editorial? I’m in love!!!