by The Lingernots

I wish there were more art shows to flutter through in Austin, I miss being able to see the work that strangers create in their own world, up close and personal. I still spend a lot of time reading about what’s going on, who is painting, shooting, dancing and pasting, but seeing it on a screen doesn’t come close to seeing it in person.

That being said, I really love Garret Pruter’s nostalgic dreamy collages, made from found photographs he collected over the years by turning junk shops upside down and composing works from fragments of disconnected moments.

“There’s a tension between moments recalled and moments forgotten; every cut-out fragment is replaced by another image, ultimately creating abstractions that blur the line between reality and imagined reality. The project evolved into a study of the frailty of memory, a comparison between the mental deterioration of experiences over time and the physical decay of photographs through the same time period.” 

“As I started researching themes of memory, time, and loss, the images started to become, in a way, relics of the past, a way to physically draw connections and create dialogs between different periods in time” 


From the MIXED SIGNALS series, by Garret Pruter