by The Lingernots

Every year, around the end of February, this shift occurs in Austin where everyone becomes white knuckled, eyes dart around, the daily consumption of coffee doubles and everyone’s social calendar suddenly becomes one black hole.

This is the the couple of weeks before SXSW when everyone realizes that in about ten days, everyone they never speak to is going to be staying on their floors and couches, every band in the world will be playing at the same time peppered across town, a mysterious army of neon sunglasses will be wandering slowly up and down the street and everyone thats lived here for over three years becomes ridiculously entitled and whiny.

For people in bands, this usually means no sleep, a lot of hand shaking and name forgetting, spending 25 minutes looking for a parking spot to play a 30 minute set, grumpy volunteer stage managers who think they’re god, a lot of free beer and giving away a lot of CDs, and best of all, the chance to share the stage with people you love..  We’re in the day before the music all starts and I still can’t remember where and when were supposed to be. I already have a fierce case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and most of all, I feel totally overwhelmed at how fast time is trickling away.

Fauve and Hunter launches in a mere few weeks and at this point I’m usually to be found in a sea of swishing fabric and dresses, sewing needle dangling from my lips, and sketches of sets for the marathon shoot were going to do in the next couple of days. We’re getting there and we’re getting there fast, and for that, I have my amazing friends and loves to thank, for all their encouragement, endless support, inspiration and help.