Ma vie en Noir et Blanc

by The Lingernots

A run down on my life so far, using only black and white images from archives.. mostly LIFE magazine…  



 I was born… Created when two complex and complete people found that bridge that makes them one whole entity..

 I always slept with my arms wrapped around the pillows…

 I would notice that every november, there would be a violent storm.

  At school they said I was too dreamy and that I should come back from the clouds..

 Instead, I sat atop an elephant. Already my real life was far more dreamy than school could ever be.

 We moved to America after having been there on vacation once.. My father was tired.

 I had nightmares all night of spiders surrounding me and falling from the sky.

 I went to school in the country, where, they complimented my dreams.

 I spent every moment I could in the water.

 Death came and took my father to a grand ball in the sky.

 To my family he is still there.. without really being there..

 I always imagined him like this.

 I started making eyes at these boys

But always ended up kissing the one in the dress..

I kissed one in the shadows because he couldn’t hold my hand

And I flew across the world the very next day.

 Sometimes I wasn’t very great to myself

 Sometimes I let my relationship be the only thing that rules me..

 I usually feel like those two in one body

 And a lot of the times, I think that my passions are a little…well…

 I flew back to America.. and back to France, and back to America again.


We dove in and got married.. The same man who couldn’t hold my hand before.

 We’ll probably die together in the most inappropriate place we can find..