teach me.

by The Lingernots

I’m a firm believer in mentors. I believe that to turn deaf ears to the people around you in to close yourself to the possibilities of harmony, serendipity, also, some possible lessons learnt the easy way, and especially, amazing friendships.

I remember school being a bore for me, because everyone around me had too much in common, with myself, and eachother. We were all reading the same book, all eating the same lunch, running the same distance, picking on the same ones and getting picked on by the same bullies. Some had strengths in certain topics, but our youth was the only experience we had and the routine of the day prevented much diversity to be attracted to.

I had always found myself having intense, brief or lifelong, platonic, familial, fiery relationships, with people that have ultimately given me the great gift of their heart, and knowledge.  I always find that the most beautiful friendships are that of mentors and proteges… I’ve been reading a lot about Diana Vreeland and she had this wonderful way of putting people together, young and older, fledgling and fullfilled. She thought that the poor should be young, and the rich old, and that the old should help the young on their path to self fullfilment.


I love this woman, am utterly fascinated by her and her style and her art-de-vie. I created a little set on polyvore that is a little collage of Vreeland..

Oh Diana!