mon trousseau

by The Lingernots











A little peek into the one room in the house the cats are absolutely forbidden!!

 Vintage 1960’s silk dress with beaded collar… This reminds me of MiuMiu! its baby pink and has silver and pink glass beads on the collar, even with an ornate detail like that, its actually a super simple innocent piece.

Silver, white and peach sequin top.. I found this when I was having an all white spell, I wore it on my birthday. I love discovering beaded/ sequin tops that aren’t black and gold..

This is an almost white pink piece of Virgin Suicides perfection.. I always wonder about the girl who owned this, its in perfect condition..

This is the trim of a white lace tunic I found one day, I’m absolutely mad for it!

My red and black houndstooth poncho (That my cats are obsessed with) and Frankie Norstad’s cowboy boots.. I’m using them as collateral for her to come back and see me!

Sweet 1970’s handmade in brazil platform shoes… and my sewing machine, two things I love that I need to get fixed.

I love magazines. My favorites are Jalouse, Lula, Flaunt and Nylon, I love Vanity Fair but they take me forever to read, and old national Geographic, which we have a ton of from 1960 and 1961….