by The Lingernots

Have you ever found yourself completely captive to your body’s impulses? Like you go grocery shopping and you’re walking home (I don’t drive and even if I did, our car is still under the weather, poor thing) and you think, “oh, im gonna have a cheez-it” (or whatever) and next thing you know, its been six handfuls and your BRAIN is like “HAND, I command you to stop reaching for the damn things. just STOP” and your hand just snubs that command like a catholic girl hitching up her skirt, and by the time you make it home… you’re out of cheez-its, and not only that, you’re very disappointed in your apparently free thinking hand.

The most bewildering thing is when it goes beyond consumption, but creation as well. Writer’s block, terrible drawings, zero inspiration, headaches, those things happen, but a skull bursting with ideas and a room full of material and still nothing?? I can hear myself thinking, get that painting done… and my hand snubs it all to read Life (Keith Richards) and think about how much of a drag it is that quaaludes are extinct.